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What an exciting adventure awaits you, as a potential Rotary exchange student or host family, as you look to expand your horizons as they've never been expanded before.

We invite you to explore our site, learn more about the program, and, if it's right for you, take those first steps toward one of the most amazing, memorable, adventurous years of your life.


What College Admission says about Youth Exchange:

"As an Admissions Counselor and former RYE Exchange student, I know my colleagues in higher education - and specifically admissions – see international exchanges as valuable opportunities to transcend the traditional classroom experience. At a time where American universities are scrambling to diversify their campuses and create global communities that better reflect our hyper-connected multicultural world, applicants who have participated in exchanges are at a premium."

Michael Murray
Assistant Director of Recruiting, Office of Admissions
St. Bonaventure University, NY

Outbound Exchange Student Timeline


  • August - Visit your district's page to find information meetings. Some districts require you to pre-register for such meetings and to attend WITH your parents
  • September - Attend an information meeting
  • October - Work on your application - it takes most 3-5 weeks to complete.
  • November 1st - Deadline for completed application
  • November - Interviews
  • December - Find out if you are selected


  • January - First outbound training weekend
  • January-July - Language studies on your own
  • June - Second outbound training weekend
  • July/August - Leave for your exchange


  • June/July the following year - Return to the US from your exchange year
  • July - Rebound weekend
  • Yasmeen, Outbound to Taiwan

    Next week marks the beginning of my sixth month in Taiwan. The fact that I am almost half-way done with my exchange is unbelievable. I went to the airport the other day to welcome the new Australian Inbounds and my friends and I realized that the next time we would be at this airport would be to say goodbye to each other and to Taiwan.   Read More...

  • Pessi, Outbound to Thailand

    Essay 1: How did I Adjust to My First Host Family in Thailand?Contrary to the ordinary experiences of other exchange students (things I have heard and read from them so far), my arrival to the “land of smiles” was very smooth. I have enjoyed every moment since I stepped off the airplane approximately three weeks ago. Initially, I experienced a very small amount of culture shock, but it was a positive experience.   Read More...

  • Anna, Outbound to Italy

    Last week my mom called me to tell me that my blog posts needed more content than me just writing my feelings down. She said I should probably start writing about what I have done and where I have gone. I am going to and I thought I was already doing that, but as I read back I realize she was right and for the most part all of my blogposts were about something other than my adventures and more about the dramas and exhausting situations Exchange students find themselves in.   Read More...

  • Destiny, Outbound to Poland

    I remember Mrs. Paula always telling me and the other outbounds to always say yes; this advice has led me to great opportunities. To every future outbound I encourage you to always say yes because that’s when you truly start living.In November I got to go on trip with some other exchange students in my city to Czech Prague, Vienna Austria, and the mountains in the south of Poland.   Read More...

  • Eliot, Outbound to Thailand

    I just got back from my second trip. It was truly an amazing experience, not only did I get to see many of my friends again but the trip in and of itself was truly spectacular. This journal is going to be more about my second trip then my feelings on being in Thailand, so if you are reading to know what I think about Thailand then maybe this is not the journal you should read.   Read More...

  • Ashley, Outbound to Slovakia

    Since I have first arrived in Slovakia I have learned that exchange is so much more than traveling to a different country and staying there for a while. At least for me, I have learned that exchange is about conforming to another culture, being submerged in a different language, tasting new (sometimes weird) foods, becoming friends with people from all over the world, and learning to be comfortable in someone else's home really fast. I have been in Slovakia for almost 5 months, which is alre...  Read More...

  • Kate, Outbound to Mexico

    As we enter 2018, I have now been on my Rotary Youth Exchange for over 5 months, and I changed host families on January 5 for the first time. Although I will miss my first host family, I am really excited for the opportunity to get to know my second host family. Now I live with a host mom, dad, and 2 younger twin sisters, and their other daughter is on exchange on France.   Read More...

  • Marcella, Outbound to Germany

    My Exchange in GermanyThe first two months of my exchange were just amazing!Though I didn't get welcomed by a poster with my name and a bunch of people, like I expected, I was warmly welcomed by my older host brother, Leo, and my host mom, Susanne. It was a bit awkward at first since everything was new to me and also because my German wasn't very good. But as time passed, I got more and more used to the family I was living with.They were always very nice to me and showed me things about ...  Read More...

  • Olivia, Outbound to Finland

    Part of exchange is never having a real sense of time. These past five months have been the fastest of my life. Days blur together and sometimes I find myself wondering what the date is.   Read More...

  • Dani, Outbound to France

    It’s surreal the fact that a little over four months have passed by since I stepped off a plane in Lyon’s Saint-Exupery airport and met most of the people I now considered my family. In the past 128 days, I’ve discovered more about the world and myself than I ever did throughout high school. December was probably the biggest learning adventure to this point that felt like a never-ending roller coaster, so this blog will probably be one of the longest.The holidays started off on the right foot wi...  Read More...

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