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What an exciting adventure awaits you, as a potential Rotary exchange student or host family, as you look to expand your horizons as they've never been expanded before.

We invite you to explore our site, learn more about the program, and, if it's right for you, take those first steps toward one of the most amazing, memorable, adventurous years of your life.


RYE Florida - All Around the World

My Nguyen in Belgium

My Nguyen in Belgium

Sami in Sweden

Sami in Sweden

Corey - Japan 2014

Corey - Japan 2014

RYE D6970 Florida

RYE D6970 Florida

Erica - Finland

Erica - Finland

Inbound Students 2014-2015

Inbound Students 2014-2015

Blaine in Japan

Blaine in Japan

RYE on the Rhien river, Dusseldorf, Germany. Stuart Brown OB

RYE on the Rhien river, Dusseldorf, Germany. Stuart Brown OB

Thailand - OB Stephanie Bird

Thailand - OB Stephanie Bird

Outbound Exchange Student Timeline


  • August - Visit your district's page to see when information meetings will be offered. Some districts require you to pre-register for such meetings and to attend WITH your parents.
  • September - Attend an information meeting.
  • October - Work on your application - it takes most 3-5 weeks to complete.
  • November 1st - Deadline for completed application
  • November - Interviews
  • December - Find out if you are selected


  • January - First outbound training weekend
  • January-July - Language studies on your own
  • June - Second outbound training weekend
  • July/August - Leave for your exchange


  • June/July the following year - Return to the US from your exchange year
  • July - Rebound weekend
  • Marisa, outbound to France

    Read more about Marisa and all her blogsI have now officially been in France for over 4 months. I know... HOW.   Read More...

  • Alisha, outbound to Spain

    Read more about Alisha and all her blogsAs I write this, I have been in Spain for 4 and a half months. I have officially gotten past what is in my opinion the hardest part—the holidays. December was emotionally the most difficult part for me being away from my family during the holidays.   Read More...

  • Isaac, outbound to Poland

    Read more about Isaac and all his blogsPart 1:Today is January 3rd, 2017. Right now I’m on the bus going back to my new host family’s house in a village on the complete opposite side of the city that I used to live. Most of the students here in Wrocław changed on the first, which definitely wasn’t easy, but I suppose it fits well with the “new year, new me” idea.   Read More...

  • Isaac, outbound to Poland

    Read more about Isaac and all his blogsToday is November 12, 2016. The last few days have been incredible. Somehow living in the current European Capital of Culture has come to feel rather normal.   Read More...

  • Isaac, outbound to Poland

    Read more about Isaac and all his blogsToday is the 14th of September, 2016. I have been living in Poland for three days short of a month now, so I have quite a bit I’d like to say here and in later posts. I kept putting off posting my first blog update while I took time to settle into life here, which has been the most interesting challenge of my life so far.   Read More...

  • Justin, outbound to Denmark

    Read more about Justin and all his blogsSo, it's been about 5 months of exchange. I wish I could say it's been a shorter time. Time literally flies away from this year and I don't know where it goes.   Read More...

  • Alessia, outbound to Lithuania

    Read more about Alessia and all her blogsI’m writing this now to make up for the last four months of dropping off the grid. Since I’ve arrived, people have ever so gently asked me why I picked Lithuania -such a small, cold country- for my exchange. I never really answered properly.   Read More...

  • Donavon, outbound to Thailand

    Read more about Donavon and all his blogsTime is moving way too fast for me, hopefully it slows down, but I feel like the next time I blink it will be the end of June and my wondrous journey will soon be complete My life here in Thailand so far has been very interesting, I say this because every day there is always something new, something unknown, and something to learn about this fascinating country of smiles. As soon as I arrived to my host city of Roi-Et on August 13th, 2016, I was greeted w...  Read More...

  • Briana, outbound to Austria

    Read more about Briana and all her blogsThis month here in Austria has been a great one…So much has happened in this month of December. It was so action packed that I forgot my real birth day. On December 3rd, I had a birthday party.   Read More...

  • Kendra, outbound to Brazil

    Read more about Kendra and all her blogsThis post, I want to start of with the lows and make my way up to the highs.Month 3 was definitely a struggle emotionally, but enduring it brought clarity to my frustration: I discovered that I sincerely hate being ignored.Around the end of Month 2 and 3 , your ‘newness’ as an exchange student wears off a bit. In my situation, I felt that fewer people were willing to struggle through a conversation hindered by my limited Portuguese with me. At ...  Read More...

  • Nicole, outbound to Finland

    Read more about Nicole and all her blogsHappy New Year, everybody! I hope your holidays were filled with joy, love, and maybe even a bit of adventure; I know mine sure were! If you follow kaukokaipuu, then you will know that my last blog post left you at American Thanksgiving.   Read More...

  • Victoria, outbound to Argentina

    Read more about Victoria and all her blogsSince my last journal entry (which was published an embarrassingly long time ago), two absolutely unforgettable months have passed. Four occurrences are etched in my memory forever. Two are trips I took that offered stunning vistas, exotic animals, unique people, and historic structures.   Read More...

  • Jared, outbound to Belgium

    Read more about Jared and all his blogsAs of today I have been in Belgium for exactly four and a half months, during my time here I have experienced and seen more than I would have ever imagined. In fact just this past week I’ve been able to visit Paris, spend some time in an apartment by the North Sea and celebrate the coming of the New Year with my friends in the heart of Brussels. It hasn’t always been easy, especially in the first couple months but now that I have been here for s...  Read More...

  • David, outbound to Italy

    Read more about David and all his blogsCiao these 4 months have been amazing and I've just learned to disconnect I made so many friends and have eaten a lot of pasta I've eaten anything put in front of me. All the food is absolutely amazing and I love the Sardinian culture it's such an ancient culture with rich history. And I've learned some of the local dialect.   Read More...

  • Hutch, outbound to Italy

    Read more about Hutch and all his blogsAbout to finish my fourth month here on the 10th, time here slowly accelerating as the first month felt like several lifetimes and the last month passed by rather quickly. By far the biggest change was of the family. My family in America is very very relaxed and lax of enforcing rules, as my Italian family is just about the polar opposite.   Read More...

  • Nikki, outbound to Belgium

    Read more about Nikki and all her blogsLiterally a year ago I turned to my friend and said "I don't get what people are talking about with the whole "I didn't have time to do my journal thing, I would totally write one like every week."" Evidently, I'm fake and also a liar because that didn't happen. No. No I totally get it now.So what better time to fill in my journal than the start of a new year, 2017 !   Read More...

  • Isla, outbound to France

    Read more about Isla and all her blogsSo this is my first journal. Sorry about that! It's been about 4 months in France at this point.   Read More...

  • Ty, outbound to Belgium

    Read more about Ty and all his blogsAlot as happened in four months I find it hard to even put much any to words. It's difficult for me at least to open myself up to people i know that I will be leaving in such a short time. But this short time also feels like a never ending cyclone of emotions, much different from the roller coaster described to me before my departure.   Read More...

  • Ben, outbound to Italy

    Read more about Ben and all his blogsHi everybody I'm Ben and I'm a little behind in putting this up on the website. Well I'm currently in Italy in district 2050 in a little town called Crema, which is 30-40 mins away from Milan. I have had a crazy time here, the people I've met the things I've done, it's indescribable, I've seen the biggest lake in Italy, I've been to Venice, and I've been to Milan more times than I can count.   Read More...

  • Kayla, outbound to Czech Republic

    Read more about Kayla and all her blogsChristmas is one of my favorite holidays, if any its is the best. I was really sad I was not going to be celebrating holidays back with my REAL family, On Friday night of last week I went out to buy Christmas presents for my family members here in Czech, I was in the mall trying to find the perfect gifts for hours, and was so stressed and sad because I didn’t think I was going to be able to find the perfect gifts for my family. I am a perfekcionista o...  Read More...

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