Inbound Students 2001-2002

District 6970  Inbound Class of 2001-2002

David Bollinger
Hometown: Neuhausen, Switzerland
Host Club: South Jacksonville Rotary Club
High School: Douglas Anderson School for the Arts

Silvia Di Lenarda
Hometown: Codroipo, Italy
Host Club: Ormond Beach West Rotary Club
High School: Seabreeze H.S.

Luis Octavio Ochoa
Hometown: Quito, Ecuador
Host Club: Orange Park Rotary Club
High School: St. Johns Country Day School

Rocio Pint
Hometown: Arequipa, Peru
Host Club: West Jacksonville Rotary Club
High School: Paxon School for Advanced Studies

Taís Ribeiro
Hometown: Salvador, Brazil
Host Club: Mandarin Rotary Club
High School: Mandarin H.S.

Evelina Saviciute 
Hometown: Bremen, Germany
Host Club: Ocala Silver Springs Rotary Club
High School: Vanguard H.S.

Alexandra Zach 
Hometown: Vienna, Austria
Host Club: Ocala Silver Springs Rotary Club
High School: Forest H.S.

Outbound Students 2001-2002

District 6970 Outbound Class of 2001-2002.

Shelby Denmeade 
Destination: Switzerland
Sponsor Club: Mandarin Rotary Club
School: Mandarin High School

Jackie Longo 
Destination: France
Sponsor Club: Orange Park Rotary Club
School: St. Johns Country Day School

Liz Taft 
Destination: Italy
Sponsor Club: Daytona Beach Rotary Club
School: Taylor Middle-High School

District Conference 2002

District Conference 2002 Daytona Beach, Florida - May 17-18, 2002

The annual District 6970 Conference was held in Daytona Beach in mid-May, and it provided an opportunity for our exchange students to get together, enjoy the beach (and the international lifeguard competition taking place there), meet some of the Rotarians, and show everyone the personal face of the Rotary Youth Exchange program.

In attendance were inbound students David Bollinger, Luis Ochoa, Rocio Pinto, Evelina Saviciute, and Xandi Zach, along with 2002-03 outbounds Tierney Elison and Shaina Moore. David, Xandi, and Rocio each spoke at the Conference plenary session on Saturday morning, and David then sat down at the piano to provide entertainment during the morning break. With very little practice, the group nonetheless made a good attempt at singing "Love In Any Language", with David providing the accompaniment.

Special thanks to Daytona Beach Rotarian David Sacks and his neighbors and fellow Rotarians Lewis Heaster and Dan Lang for providing overnight accommodations in their homes, and especially to David and his family for the pool party and FOOD on Friday night.

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