Anna Snider
2007-08 Outbound to Denmark

Hometown: Jacksonville, Florida
School: Douglas Anderson School of the Arts
Sponsor: Southpoint Rotary Club, District 6970, Florida
Host: Faaborg Rotary Club
         District 1460, Denmark

Anna's Bio

 Hey everyone! My name is Anna Belisa Snider, and I am a future outbound to Denmark! I am a senior at Douglas Anderson School of the Arts. I am a vocal major there. I sing pretty much everything and i love it! Hopefully I can win over my host family in Denmark with my singing because learning Danish is going to be extremely challenging but Music is the only universal language, so hopefully that will help me!

Since I sing at school, my time usually revolves around rehearsals and performances. Even though it takes up a lot of time, I love rehearsing and performing. I moved to Jacksonville a little over 4 1/2 years ago. I hated it at first because I didn't like middle school at all, but once I got to high school, I fell in love with it. I live with my mom and my older brother, Matthew. My oldest brother, Danny, lives up in Ohio and my dad lives in New Hampshire. My mom is a nurse and she loves her work! My dad works for Boeing, and he gets moved around a lot. We've lived in Italy, England, Canada, and now here. I've loved living in all of those places. It has made me who I am! It's always great living in different places so you get a grasp of different cultures, but leaving every country has always been hard. But God closes and opens doors simultaneously, so I'm very excited about leaving Jacksonville and starting my new adventure in Denmark because I know it's going to be an experience of a lifetime!

August 29 Journal

 Hej everyone!

It's already been 3 weeks and 3 days since I stepped off the plane into my new country! Denmark is absolutely gorgeous!!! The first week I was here, the weather was perfect! I was walking outside in shorts, flip flops, and tank tops! Today, I went to school with pants, a long sleeved shirt, a jacket, socks, and some sneakers! The temperature changed so quick!

My house in on an island in the south of Denmark. It's called Lyø and it has 50 homes, 1 church, 1 elementary school, and one shop. So obviously that's a huge difference from Jacksonville! My school is in Faaborg, which is across the water. So I've been experiencing more than a language change...I get to ride a ferry to school everyday! Its okay...I usually go down to the benches in the bottom of the ferry and sleep!

School has been fun so far. I started on Monday and I love my class. Everyone is so nice and very helpful. I don't understand anything except for in English and Spanish class. But it's okay...I'll get it soon! I actually help the other students in English! So that's pretty cool. I really like my host family too. They are all really nice and funny. I have one younger host sister and two younger host brothers. They all help me out with my Danish, which is good.

I took a language course for a week and learned the basics of Danish. Then after that week I went away to a boarding school for an intro camp with all of the Rotary exchange students in Denmark. There were 100 of us and we had so much fun together. We went on tours and learned some more Danish and we went shopping and we learned how to Phillipino stick fight! Haha. That was so much fun!!! It's like what ninjas do with their fighting sticks, how they spin them around really fast and crazy. It was quite a learning experience. I loved getting to know all the other students there and we all got really close.

So far Denmark has been great! I'm having a bunch of fun and I'm meeting a lot of new and exciting people! I know it's just gonna get better and better as the year goes on!


September 29 Journal

 So I've been here for approximately 2 months. A lot of different stuff has happened, and it's all been exciting, sometimes boring, crazy, and all new! School has It's a lot different from school at home but it's not anymore exciting. I've made some really cool friends, who actually remind me a lot of my friends back at home!!! I absolutely love my host family!!! I don't know if I want to move to the next host family, because I like this one so much! We always end up laughing in all of our conversations, usually because of my bad Danish or because of their bad English. So it works out great! My room has really started to look like my room at home too. It's a mess! I try to keep it kept up, but it doesn't really work out too well. It also looks like my room at home because I have a HUGE poster of Orlando Bloom on my wall again!!! I had to buy it the other day because my walls just looked so bare!! haha.

Everyday I'm learning more and more Danish. It still feels like I don't know anything! But it really feels great when someone is having a conversation in Danish around you and then all of a sudden, you're laughing at what they said. Not because it sounds weird, but because you understood!!! I figured out that speaking 'danglish' helps too. Or writing in 'danglish' is good too, because I work on using certain words even if I can't make the sentences.

A few weeks ago, Frederik, the exchange student to Jacksonville from Denmark from last year, made his presentation of his year at the Faaborg Rotary Club. I went to the meeting and got to hear all about Jacksonville!!! haha. That was actually pretty fun having my host family see pictures from Jacksonville. By his presentation, everyone found out that he had an amazing year abroad, and that got me really excited for the upcoming months till next summer.

So I saw a Blockbuster the other day and I flipped out!!! It was like home! haha. I didn't think they had Blockbusters here!!! I've gotten used to the bike, but I still miss my little chameleon-painted Civic when it's raining and I'm riding the bike uphill with the wind against me! But when it's nice outside then I love riding the bike! Here's something exciting, I joined a Funk/Pop band!!! It's so much fun. I went for the first time this week and I had the most fun I've had in a while! I've never sung with a band before other than my church youth band, but this time I was the only singer! So I was really nervous at first, but it was so much fun that all my nerves went away and we just made music!!! I loved it!!!

And here's some advice to current and future exchange students...DON'T LOSE YOUR CAMERA CHARGER THE THIRD WEEK YOU'RE IN YOUR NEW COUNTRY, because it's almost impossible to buy just a camera charger!!! But thank God for Mommy's back at home who help you out!!!

So Denmark is great! Of course, I've had some hard days, but the good days make up for the bad ones!

~*~ Anna Banana ~*~

November 15 Journal

 Hej Florida!

I hope you are enjoying the beautiful sunny weather because it’s a different story over here in little Denmark! I woke up yesterday and looked out the window to find that everything outside was frosted over! It was so frosted that it looked like snow! So I bundled up in my winter clothes and hopped on my bike and rode to school in the FREEZING COLD!! In my first class of the day I looked outside the window and it was SNOWING!!!! I got so excited because it was the first time that it snowed since I’ve been here. But it’s not even Thanksgiving yet! It’s only the middle of November and it’s already snowing!!! How crazy is that? So I’m expecting to have a snowy birthday and a WHITE CHRISTMAS!!! YAY!!!

Along with the weather changing, my home and family changed too! I moved in with my second host family almost 3 weeks ago and it’s going great! This family has 4 teenagers! One plays the drums and one plays the piano… So it’s a house filled with people and lots of noise!!! Hah. I’m very comfortable here and I feel comfortable with my new host siblings and host parents. But I’m confused a lot because I have a host sister named Anna! So I’m still getting used to being called to the dinner table twice! My new house is not on the island. It’s in Faaborg, the town where I go to school. So it’s really nice living so close to town and school. I get over an extra hour of sleep every morning because I don’t have to take the ferry anymore. My bike ride to school every day is only about 8 minutes long, and the bike ride to the center of town is about 5 minutes. So it’s very convenient living here. But saying goodbye to my first family really kinda sucked. Packing my things up from my old room was awkward because I really didn’t want to. I was excited about moving into town and with my new family but I had gotten so close and comfortable with my first family that I didn’t want to start all over again. My host mom, Karin, and my host sister, Viola, went with me across the ferry to my new host house. When we said bye, I tried not to cry because I didn’t want my new host family to think that I didn’t want to live with them. But trying to hold the tears in only made it worse and I ended up crying along with my host mom and host sister. But I plan on visiting them on the little island very soon!

Before the ‘big move’ there were two weeks of busyness and fun! The band that I am singing in had a concert with a bunch of other bands around our town. We only played two songs but it was really fun to play for our peers and to hear them play too. And earlier that day we played at the Faaborg Radio Station…LIVE!!! I was really nervous, but it was so much fun! My host mom called everyone she knew and told them that I was singing on the radio so apparently everyone in the world was listening…which made me really nervous! Hah. And she taped it for me too so that when I got home I could listen to it!...greeeaaat!..Not. But I thought it was so cute how she got so excited for me like my real mommy at home!!!

After the big concert came the big week filled with HALLOWEEN!!! It started off with a Rotary get together for the weekend before Halloween. I took a train with Karolina, my friend from Illinois who lives about 30 minutes away from me here. We got to Holbæk, which is on Sjælland, and met the other exchange students at the bus station waiting for the bus to the school where we were going to stay. This weekend was the complete opposite of our intro camp. We had planned things at the intro camp, but here we could pretty much do whatever we wanted whenever we wanted! We had a DJ Friday night until Saturday at breakfast….so we slept 2 hours. Then we went shopping in downtown Holbæk for a couple hours then we had a Halloween night! Everyone dressed up and we had a little showtime too. Karolina and I were ‘Nik & Jay’. They’re famous Danish rappers/pop singers. They sing songs called ‘Boing Boing’, ‘Lega’, and ‘Jeg Elsker Dig’. So we got t-shirts and wrote their names on the back of our shirts, and wrote BOING on the front. Then we wore pants with our ‘boxers’ hanging out and we wore some really ‘stylish’ sunglasses! It was so much fun to be a guy for the day! Hah. Everyone took their pictures with us as if we were really them!! Haha. That night we had the DJ again, and this time we slept for about 3 hours, so a total of 5 hours for the weekend was pretty tiring! But it was an amazing reunion with the other 100 Rotary exchange students. After that weekend, some students from my school held a haunted house at the Faaborg Arresthusen, the historical jail which has been turned into a museum. So decorated and dressed up all scary and whatnot. Lots of students from the school came to see us then left scared to death! Haha. So it was pretty successful. On Friday night my little host brother, Lukas, had a Halloween shindig at his school and all the families of the students were supposed to go dressed up. So we all showed up with red lipstick allover our faces and arms, as if it was blood. The little kids believed it so it worked out great. They sang us some Halloween songs and put on a magic show too, so it was a cute little Halloween evening.

So…to sum everything up…I’ve been pretty busy lately, which is really good, because when I’m not busy then I tend to have bad days. So yeah I’ve had crappy days and some amazing days but they even out. I’m really glad that I’m still doing the Funk Band because it’s what I look forward to every week! School is …school and boring most of the time, but I found that I’d rather do the work than do nothing because then I get bored and restless. So I’ve had about 3 big essays in the last two weeks! I’m looking forward to next weekend because all of the American exchange students are having our own Thanksgiving dinner, since they obviously don't celebrate it here. So it’ll be fun to get together with everyone again. But I wish everyone back at home to have an amazing Thanksgiving. Eat lots of turkey, watch the Macy’s Day parade, and go to the Jacksonville Landing for the Tree Lighting, because some of us can’t do that stuff this year! But I’ve heard about a lot of crazy Danish Christmas traditions and I’m excited to experience them!


December 10 Journal


I have already survived two big parts of the year: Thanksgiving and my birthday. Thanksgiving dinner consisted of sausages and potatoes and a salad...but that's because they obviously don't celebrate American Thanksgiving over here. It was strange sitting there eating normal food while thinking about everyone at home eating the 'BIG MEAL'. But I got through it. On the following Saturday, I took the bus down to Svendborg, to visit my friend Karolina, and to have our own Thanksgiving dinner. Two other girls came from Odense, who are also exchange students from the States, and one girl came from Australia, which was really nice. We bought a turkey, potatoes, cranberries, pumpkin, and some more little things. We actually cooked Thanksgiving dinner!!! We cooked the turkey by ourselves and made our own pumpkin pie and cranberry sauce! And let me tell you...that was the best pumpkin pie I have ever tasted in my whole life, and the funny thing is that I usually HATE pie!!! we made our Thanksgiving dinner and sat down and had a really nice relaxing and tasty dinner! It had been a while since we had all seen each other so we decided to make that night a sleepover!!! So we stayed up late talking and watching some movies, but of course with the proper supply of candy!

School has seemed to gone down hill for me. My original class had a project that they had to do, but they got two weeks off of school to do it. So I had two choices, I could have stayed home for two weeks and done one myself, or I could have switched classes for two weeks just to meet new people. So I decided not to be at home alone for two weeks and I decided to switch classes, which turned out okay in the end, but started out rough. I moved into a big class with a lot of 'clicks' so of course that sucked. The first two days I might have talked to a total of 6 people, everyone else seemed to not care at all that I was there or maybe just didn't notice. I really didn't like that class. But all of a sudden on the third day everything changed and everyone seemed really friendly and nice and talkative to me. So that was kinda weird but nice! I met a lot of new people when I switched classes because it was in a different grade so I met more students in that grade too. But academically it was kind of a waste of time...because I only had each class about twice.

Next came my big 18th birthday! Two days before, a package came in the mail for me!!! It was from my mommy! I was so happy to see it there on the counter! It was really nice to have little knickknacks from home and birthday presents from home. But the best part was the card and the candy canes! The candy canes reminded me of home because we always had tons of them at home during December! My birthday was on Sunday, so my host siblings and I went out on Saturday night to celebrate! We went to Falsetten, which is a place where bands go to play and a lot of students from my school go there. I got there at like 10:30 then left at like 2:30am. So at midnight everyone sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! So that was really nice. We went home and all slept in, but I woke up to something rather unusual...My whole family was in my room with Danish flags singing 'Happy Birthday' but in Danish! So that was kind of nice. We got up and had a HUGE 'AMERICAN BREAKFAST'. It was soooo good!! Then later on, we ate cake...and muffins, and another cake, because they made two! Then for dinner we had tacos!!! So everyone was so stuffed all day long that we barely ate anything the next day! I talked to my mom, my aunt, and my two cousins on the phone later on in the day and talked to my brother and my abuela the next day and it was really nice to hear their voices. It was hard...but great to talk to them. I was more emotional on my birthday than I have been in a while, but I guess that is kind of expected.

So … Two big events down … a lot to go. I'm getting excited about Christmas but don't think I'm ready yet! I can't believe it's almost Christmas. Soon it's going to be New Years, which means it's 2008!!! That's so crazy!!! Time is flying by!!!

January 21 Journal


So a lot of stuff has happened since my birthday and most of it envolved food! Christmas in Denmark is pretty much a month long feast! We have this Christmas lunch/party called a JULE FROKOST. These gatherings are usually with family and close friends. Everyone gets together and eats about a 5 course meal and dessert and then the adults usually talk for hours after while the teenagers and kids watch movies or play games. There is usually a Jule Frokost every weekend, so during the weeks we pretty much didn't eat a lot because we were either still stuffed with food, or trying to leave space for the upcoming Jule Frokost. They reported in the news that 100 Danish people were in the hospital during the week of Christmas because they ate too much food! That's so crazy!!!

Anywho... Christmas Eve was a crazy day! We woke up late and got ready for church. We got to the church at 2 and there were hardly any spots left in the pews, which is extremely uncommon for a Danish church, but it was Christmas: the one day that every Dane goes to church. When we got home, the feast began! I can't even remember how many courses it was, but I know there were lots! We ate for about 3 hours, all while Lauge, my little host brother, was impatiently counting the seconds on the clock, waiting to open the presents. After we ate, it was time to sing and dance around the tree! My host siblings and I went into the hallway while my host parents lit the candles on the tree. They turned off the light and we came in to see to tree all lit up perfectly! It was so cute! haha. So we all stood around the tree holding hands. We each got to choose a Christmas song to sing as we walked around the tree still holding hands. It was kind of like the Who's in Whoville!!! haha. As soon as we finished singing and 'dancing', which was technically just walking, around the tree, it was time to open presents! My host parents and host grandma each sat in a chair while us kids sat on the floor. My siblings have specific spots to sit every year so we had to find one for me too! So opening presents took a long time because we opened each present one by one, but it was really nice because then you could see everything that everyone got. After we opened presents, we had Caffe and Kager (Coffee and Cake!). By the time all of the Christmas eve traditions were over, it was 3 in the morning!

Sleeping until 12 on Christmas morning was definitely different for me! I'm so used to getting up early to open presents! But Christmas day here was obviously a lot different from home because everything had happened the night before, so there was nothing to do on Christmas but to relax and watch tons of movies!!! I talked to my mommy on the phone, and it was so nice to hear her voice but getting off the phone kinda sucked. I ended up staying in my room for the rest of the night. But I was okay, just a little homesick.

The Friday after Christmas I went up to Odense to visit my American and Australian exchange students. It was really fun to talk to each other about our experiences 'dancing' around the Christmas trees. We walked around Odense for the whole day and talked and talked and talked!

After my exchange visit came New Years Eve!!! It was the best time I've had since I've been here! I had so much fun! I went over to my friend's house from school, with 4 other girls from my class. We made our own dinner and it was soooo good! Then we danced a lot and played games and lit fireworks! But I spent midnight a different way than before ... we were standing on a couch waiting for it to be 12 o'clock so that we all could jump off! After midnight, we took a cab to the middle of town to go to the club, Palæet! We ended up staying there until 6 am, then finally went home after a long night of dancing!

January 2nd was a big day! I drove to the airport in Copenhagen with my host mom to pick up CHLOE!!!! We waited outside the baggage claim for her, for what seemed like forever! She finally walked out and I almost didn't recognize her because her hair is now light brown instead of blonde! But i saw her face and I had to scream out 'Chloe' because she was walking around like a little lost puppy! haha. It was so nice to have her here with me for 4 days. We didn't really do many exciting things other than shopping, but it was so nice to have someone to talk to, to really really talk to. Most nights we stayed up late watching movies and then just talking about everything possible. It was fun being able to speak 'slang english a.k.a. american' to someone and having them actually understand. We actually baked some brownies too!!! And they were SOOO good! So Chloe got to see how it is in the crazy Danish wind!!! haha. I loved having her here because for the first time in a while I felt like I was actually 'myself'. Thanks so much Chloe for coming to visit me!! I had so much fun!!

So now it's almost the end of January and this month has gone by so fast! I found out which day I'll be coming home and it's gonna be on July 12th. I'm really excited about going home but I know I still have much more to experience here until then. Six months left!!!

March 21 Journal

 Whew... I can't believe I only have less than 4 months left! It's crazy how fast time has gone by so quickly. So February started off with SUPER BOWL!!!! Some of the guys from school invited me to their super bowl shindig and of course I was the only girl because there aren't many Danish girls who are crazy NFL fans! But that was exciting to see other people scream at a screen, but the only down side to having super bowl here, was that we didn't get any of the American commercials! The commercials, for some people, is the best part of the super bowl! But we lived, and the game was amazing; I think I was the only one going for the Giants, so I was screaming the loudest!

February 8th was our school's Fastelavns Fest! (which pretty much is a second Halloween). Everyone dresses up and goes to parties and little kids go door to door and collect money. So our school had a big party and it was sooo much fun! Everyone was dressed up, and it made up for Halloween because we didn't have a party then. But there was a dance contest at the school party and a costume contest and all kinds of fun stuff. But I had tons of fun, and I felt like myself again because I talked a lot and danced A LOT, like I used to!

On February 15th, I was at my host family's summer house with them. It was close to Copenhagen so we went around to a bunch of touristy places. We walked around the Queen's palace and we saw the Opera House and we had a tour of a HUGE Castle called Kronborg. It was absolutely breathtaking with the gorgeous rooms and huge paintings.

So my band changed our name! It went from 'Malle & the Pøllekartoflers' to 'Funk Banana'. But we only got to keep that name for about 2 weeks because we stopped playing together. Our leader, Malle, can't work at the Ungdomshuset anymore, which is where we practice, so we can't play together anymore. That really really sucks for me because it was the one extracurricular thing that I did here, and It's the one thing that I did here that made me feel like myself. Singing opens me up and lets me express what I'm feeling and thinking. I felt comfortable and relaxed when I was singing with the band. I loved singing with the band and I love being around them and talking to Malle about traveling and music and everything. I already miss them so much and it's only been about 3 weeks. But before we stopped playing together, we decided to make a recording. We spent one whole Saturday from 10am till 10pm recording 4 songs. It was the most fun I've had in a long time. I loved it, even though I wasn't doing much when the others were recording their parts, but when it was so much fun to record! I loved making up random harmonies and trying them out and then just having the computer put them on top of what I have already sung before. It was really exciting and so much fun. I don't have the recording yet because It's still getting edited and everything but I'm really excited to hear what it'll sound like when I get it.

The next weekend I went to København with my host family to see a ballet at the Royal Theater! It was called Sylfiden and it was amazing! I haven't seen a ballet in a long time and it was so beautiful. It made me realize that I miss dancing and that I miss D.A. and seeing all the dancing there. All the costumes were soo pretty and the dancing was just perfect. I was sitting on the edge of my seat the whole time because I was getting sucked into the performance! I loved it!

Last Friday was the big day. I moved to my third and last host family. It was really weird to pack up my room again and it was really weird to unpack my stuff into my new room. I waited a long time before I started, almost as if I wasn't really moved in until my stuff was set in it's final place in my new room. I didn't really want to be fully moved in, so I procrastinated the unpacking. The feeling I had in my stomach when I was leaving the house that had become my home was crazy. I felt like I wasn't just leaving my host family, or leaving my friends, but I was really leaving my family. They had become like my real family and I felt like I was leaving home again. I realized that I'm becoming more and more like my mommy when it comes to my emotions. I just let them out now, and cry when I need to! So ...yeah I ended up crying a lot that day.

The new host family is great. They are really nice and funny and they speak Danish to me almost 24/7, but they're a lot different from my other host families. It's just going to take some time for me to get used to living here. Right now we're on 'Påske Ferie' a.k.a Easter Break. So we've been visiting family members and we were in København yesterday and today to see some tourist sites.

School starts on Tuesday again and it'll be nice to see my classmates again, but for now I'm just hanging out with my new host family trying to get a feel for things around the house and trying to get used to their lifestyle.  


May 13 Journal

 Hey everyone!!!

So it's been a good month and a half since I last wrote, oops! A lot has changed since March. The most noticeable thing was definitely the weather!!! I'm actually getting my Florida tan back! haha. No more jackets or gloves or scarves. Now just t-shirts, shorts and flip flops!

At the beginning of April, I went on a student tour with all the seniors to Copenhagen. We were there for 3 days and it was actually really fun. I got a lot closer to my classmates because we were with each other all the time. But talk about walking too much! Geez.. we walked for almost 8 hours every day and our feet were killing us! But of course we decided to go out at night... in heels. haha. We went to the Opera, Rusalka, at the new Opera House in Copenhagen. It was amazing!!! The theater was absolutely gorgeous and the music was so intense and interesting. Rusalka is pretty much the same story as the little mermaid, but in Russian. So it wasn't that hard to follow because we already kind of knew the story.

The 13th of April was my little host brother's confirmation. Confirmation in Denmark is like the biggest event in a young person's life. It's bigger than sweet 16 and 18. All the family and friends from all over the country came for the confirmation and we had a huge party afterwards. It was really nice to meet all the family and to talk to them all. We ate soooooo much food too!!! But we ended up exercising it all off by playing football with all the 'kids'.

My band's CD is finally done! It took about a month to finish it and it sounds great!!! We only recorded 4 songs, but they all sound pretty good. I was so excited to hear it and it was so nice to go to the Ungdomshuset (youth house) to see the band and listen to it together and everything.

On April 21st I did my Rotary presentation. I was soooooo nervous about the Danish! And to make me even more laptop wouldn't hook up correctly to the projector. So I sat there for about 30 minutes trying to get it ready while everyone was eating. Ughhh... But after some time, we switched it to my host dad's laptop and then it hooked up to the screen. So after that my hands were shaking like crazy, because I was already nervous and I hate making people I don't know wait for me. But nevertheless, it went quite smoothly. I spoke Danish the whole time except when it came to the questions. I understood them and everything but it was just hard to explain things without having them prepared. So I kind of just spoke Danglish (mix of Danish & English) when answering some of the questions. But it went smoothly and everyone said they loved it, so that's good!

April 25th was our 'Årsfest', which is kind of like the end of the year party.... kind of like prom but definitely a lot different. Everyone dressed up in suits and dresses and got their hair done and nails and everything just like Prom, and everyone also came in cool cars or buses or limos or motorcycles. It was really fun to sit outside and see all the different types of transportation. Some guys showed up in wheelchairs with balloons all over them and one person came in a horse and buggy. I came with my host brother and a girl from my class. We showed up in a red Cadillac! Everyone thought it was cool because I'm American! haha. After everyone showed up, we went in and ate dinner...but our parents were all there (of course mine weren't, but my host parents were there). After dinner, all the seniors (including me) started our 'lancier'. It's a type of old Danish folk dance thing, but it's actually really fun! We had practiced in gym class for over a month to get it perfect! It was really fun and all the families and friends were around us watching and taking pictures. After the lancier, we had a dance inside the school. We had different rooms set up with different kinds of music so you could choose which room to go into. We stayed there til 1am then all the students took a 30 minute bus ride to Odense to go clubbing. We stayed there until 5 then got back on the bus to go home. It was an eventful night, but it all went by so fast!!!

I've realized that my best friends here are other exchange students. And I don't even see them that often, but when we do see each other, we can actually be ourselves and I always have sooo much fun with them all. The week after Årsfest, I hung out with a lot of exchange students. We made our own little get together in Odense and then I had two exchange students come and visit me for a couple of days the week after. It's always really nice to see each other because we can talk about anything, because we understand each other. It's going to really suck leaving, because we all live so far from each other in the world.

We had a spring concert at school with music and drama and art. That was the first time that I performed at school, which is weird for me because I'm so used to doing it at home. But it was really nice to sing for some of my classmates and school friends. The band I sang with played 'Everybody' by the Backstreet Boys, so that was actually really fun to sing! haha. Our last day of school (for the seniors) was on Thursday, so we had a huge party afterwards. it started at 4 with an 'X-factor' show, it's a little like American Idol but Danish, but what they did was acted like different students from school so it was actually really funny to see. After the show we ate some food then had a DJ come and we danced the night away until 4:30. Some people slept at the school but I went home. We had to meet at school at 8am on Friday, so it was a little hard to get up in the morning. But we didn't have any classes, we just had breakfast with all the seniors and teachers. So that was actually really nice as the 'last day' kind of thing. We stayed there for a little bit then everyone went home.

I've been living with my third family for a while now and it's going good. But I really do miss my other host families too. I've been back to visit my second host family about 5 times already! It's always really nice to see them all. I also went back to the island the other weekend to visit my first host family and that was really nice. There was a big party on the island because one of the neighbors was turning 60 so they whole island was there and that was really nice to see everyone again. My host family thought it was so crazy that I can speak Danish now. They kept speaking English to me because that's what they used to do and they weren't used to speaking Danish with me. So that really showed how much I've improved since the first few months.

Today is the 13th of May. On the 15th of May I will be leaving for.... EURO TRIP!!!!! I can't believe it's sooo soon! Time has flown by so quickly. I'm so excited about Euro Trip!!! But of course, I'm still trying to figure out what to pack! We're going to Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Lido di Jesolo, Venice, Verona, Monaco, Avignon, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Arnheim and Hamburg. So we're gonna have lots to do during those 18 days. I will definitely be taking tons of pictures too!

SO... that's been my life for the past month and a half. Busy and full of fun! My time in Denmark is running short, so i'm trying to make the best of what I have left. 60 days!!!!