Katie Marshall
2012-13 Outbound to India

Hometown: Fleming Island, FL
School: Fleming Island High School
Sponsor: District 6970, FL
Host: District TBA, India

Katie's Bio

Namaste! Hello! My name is Katie. I'm 17 years old, and a senior at Fleming Island High school. I'll be spending next year in India! I'm so lucky to have this amazing opportunity, and I'm sure my year in India will be a fantastic one! I live in Fleming Island, Florida with my mom, dad, and younger sister Jenna, who's 13 years old. We also have an older sister, Alyssa, who's 19, and is going to school at UCF.

In my free time, I like to dance, play ultimate frisbee, bake, watch documentaries, write, and more than anything, hang out with my friends. Music has a huge part of my life. I play guitar and piano, write my own music, and my friends and I are always going to shows.

Going on this exchange has always been one of my biggest dreams, because for as long as I can remember, other countries, cultures, languages, and people have fascinated me. One day I'd like to work for the US Foreign Service, and quite possibly be an ambassador to the UN.

I'm so excited for my year in India, and I'm so grateful to everyone that has supported me, my friends and my family, and everyone involved in the RYE program for helping to make my dreams come true! Thank you all so much!

Katie's Journals