Raimel Garcia Hernandez 
2012-13 Outbound to Brazil
Hometown: Aventura, FL
School: Dr. Michael Krop High School
Sponsor: District 6990, FL
Host: District 4540, Brazil
The Rotary Club TBAå

When I say “I’m loving it here” is just little for what I’m really feeling like. Since I stepped out of Guarulhos Airport and received my host family’s warm welcome I realized that I started my journey of learning and discovering a world of wonders.

I can just say that Brazilians are the most beautiful people in all senses, even when they are mad. They are caring, supper dramatic, funny, ridiculously outgoing, warm, helpful, crazy, and more important, loving people. Their hostage is the warmest I’ve ever experienced. They’ll do everything for you to feel confortable, like home. 

Brazilian music is really good. Samba is the dance I like the most (even though I suck at it) but I’m still trying to learn how to dance it. Listening to Brazilian music makes you feel high with happiness and love, and not wanting to stop dancing. The food is amazing too. I feel like I’m coming back to the States rolling like a ball, because I just eat too much. I’ve been going to the gym to loose some of the calories I gained through the day, because they have like great variety of meals, and I just want to try everything, and everything is so delicious. I’m in a food heaven. *__*

Besides all the fun and happiness, school is really different here. I’ve learned a lot of the language pretty fast, but the classes are not that interesting for me. You cannot choose the classes you like or even go by your own peace. Everyone in your grade does the same classes and goes through the year at the same rate. Also classes are really easy (only language is a barrier), but still you can understand pretty well. The student-teacher relationship it’s different as it is in the States. Teachers and students have nicknames, and they mess with each other in class and laugh, unlike the States where you call them Mr./Mrs. and there is no much relationship but the student-teacher relationship. Still is pretty interesting the way they teach, like it makes you feel more familiar. 

>From Oct.18 – Oct. 20/2012 I had the greatest opportunity in my life. I went to Bolivia and then to the Amazon Rainforest. It was the most amazing feeling being in there with all the nature, animals and the peace of the forest. But in all that beauty there was something shocking too. As you go by to enter the rainforest or coming out, you can experience all the deforestation and pollution caused by the construction of the hydroelectric and the man’s work. It is changing the landscape completely and bringing problems to the natives of the region. Its devastating the feeling. The experience can be resumed as “a life changing experience: spiritually and consciously.”

These two months I’ve spent here were remarkable, and by knowing the culture and my new friends and the language, I feel like the rest of the year is going to be as amazing as this two last month have been, full of knowledge and experiences that will make me look at this world with different vision. I’m really happy for having this 5th choice, the best choice I’ve ever made. I’m happy for everything that has happened to me. I’m happy for having the great friends that will last as long as I live. And more important, I’m happy for being here, at home, in Brazil.