Alex Mead
2013-14 Outbound to Japan

Hometown: Hernando, Florida
School: Lecanto High School
Sponsor: District 6950, Florida

Alex Mead 16 years of age DOB: June 17th 1996 Lecanto High School; International Baccalaureate program Sports: Baseball, Golf, Basketball Hello my name is Alexander. I do prefer to be called Alex but I have met many people in my life who prefer using ones full name and I am accepting to either name. I am a junior at Lecanto High school and I am involved in my schools IB program, which stands for International Baccalaureate which is a program dedicated to the outward learning of students as well as the use of a foreign language to accelerate in academics. I am also a part of my schools baseball team that in which I am a varsity pitcher and third baseman. In my free time I enjoy reading and learning what I can about the workings of computers. I of course, like many other teenagers, love to play video games of just about any kind. I love to interact with other people and learn more about them. I will not say that anyone is perfect especially not myself. I am an extrovert in every way and very outgoing. One of my worst tendencies is that I am very impatient but I have slowly begun to work on that (waiting on the acceptance was a very good test) and striving to become better. I also love to play golf as well as basketball both of which I am ok but no Jack Nicklaus or Larry Bird. My expectations for my rotary exchange experience are that I hope to gain a new language and cultural acceptance of the world around me. I am very open to any food of course and am willing to try any new food course items you could throw at me. I also am very open to any religion for I do not have a true religion of my own or that I deem prudent to study and learn more about.

Alex's Journals

October 15, 2013

Japan, japan, japan, where to begin? Well i will start off by saying study that Hirgana. One of the few things that if studied more would improve greatly your first few months here. I haven't had any significant problems as of late (although the other day I did get on the wrong bus and ended up in another town an hour away but that's not important), the life here is easy and I'm loving every second of it. I will say I feel like death is breathing on my should when riding my bike to school because the Japanese people are terrible drivers and it scares me to even cross the street. Everybody I've met so far has been wonderfully kind to me and ready to help with anything I need so don't be afraid to ask them anything. But other than those few i haven't much to write about. A few typhoons have hit so there's that, i experienced two separate earthquakes which were neat. All in all this just the beginning of my experience and the next one you will get will be much more exciting. I think.