Ashlyn Hicks
2013-14 Outbound to Faroe Islands

Hometown: Groveland, Florida
School: Foundation Academy (Winter Garden)
Sponsor: District 6980, Florida
Host: The Rotary Club of Klaksvik

Ashlyn's Bio

My parents named me Ashlyn because my dad wanted to name me Jenniferlynn and my mom wanted to name me Ashley but my grandma had the final say and decided on Ashlyn. Every morning I get out of bed to see the loving faces of my pets and family. I have 3 dogs who are all rescues, a pitbull named Nikita, a golden retriever named Lady, and a dingo named Tinkerbell. I have trouble sleeping without my dog and I will miss them dearly but I'm sure I can fight the monster in the closet by myself. About 2 years ago we adopted a horse who is a pintabian and his name is Ace, when I get free time I ride him at Silver Winds barn where I board him. After I ride there is nothing better then the delicious taste of coca cola. I am a coca cola addict and proud. I'm also super proud who is a retired paramedic that now drives the monorails at Disney. My parents were both in the medical department. My dad worked as a paramedic for 20 years and my mom is still a nurse who worked at Johns Hopkins when we lived in Maryland. I was born and raised till I was 11 in Baltimore, Maryland where I spent most of my days. I moved with my mom in Miami for 2 years, my dad wanted to work at Disney so he came down to live with us until he found a house in Groveland. I moved to Groveland when I was 13 and love the weather. When it's nice and sunny outside I like to go for walks with my iPod. I like to listen to all kinds of music but i prefer rock. My favorite bands consist of, Chevelle, Breaking Benjamin, and Anberlin. I recently found out that Anberlin is a Christian band which is interesting because I'm a Christian and I go to a Christian school. I like Christianity because I feel privileged that God put me in a diverse world where I can make my own choices and experience different cultures. I am looking forward to studying in the Faroe Islands. I really enjoy studying Chemistry and World History and look forward to these and anything new I will encounter in the future. I really love learning and experiencing new things which is why I wanted to be an exchange student. I hope to bring my enthusiasm to the Faroe Islands and give to them as much knowledge as I can about the country I live in, and simultaneously absorb a new culture. I am excited and cant wait. I wish everyone the best of luck.

Ashlyn's Journals

September 9, 2013

Góðan morgun,

Here I am in the Faroe Islands, a beautiful paradise hidden from the rest of the world. It seems as if I'm starting a new life; making new friends, learning a language, and even a new family, but it's also a mission. What is life outside of home? I've never known and now I'm putting myself outside of my comfort zone and finally realizing that in order to live you need to explore. I'm so happy that the Faroe Islands is my new country, it's completely different from everything I'm used to and that's what I wanted. The Faroe Islands is completely covered in luscious green mountains that you can see from anywhere in the country. Everything is so clean and pure here, from the water in the ground that you can drink, to the air which carries no pollution.

My host family is very nice, I have 5 siblings but my host sister that is my age is currently in Australia for exchange!

So far, I have visited the capitol city, Torshavn, and ran a 5k! It's such a beautiful city and surrounded by the ocean. I've been to some birthday parties where they have great traditional food, including cakes, which are very delicious! I've met tons of friends whom i've already had a sleepover with and watched tons of movies.

I love just walking around my city and looking at such a beautiful place, I really am honored to be here for a year!