Emily Weiss
2013-14 Outbound to Czech Republic

Hometown: Ormond Beach, Florida
School: Mainland High School
Sponsor: District 6970, Florida

Emily's Bio

“You’ll never leave where you are until you decide where you’d rather be.” Ahoj! My name is Emily Weiss and I am a 17 year old girl living in the small, oceanside town of Ormond Beach, Florida. My home family consists of my mother and father, my not-so-little brother, Brian, and our four-legged family members, Buddy and Artemis. They are the most loving and supportive family anyone could ask for, and I am so thankful that they’re mine! I am a senior at Mainland High School, and additionally I attend classes at the local community college. Here at home I love to be involved and doing things with friends or in the community. Among my favorite things to do are cheerleading, dance, going to football games, and working. But what sets me apart from your average high school student is that in just a few short months I will be traveling to the beautiful Czech Republic where I will be spending my gap year on exchange! Earlier on in the application process my dad was always talking about how cool it would be to see Prague, so with this placement I’m sure I’m not the only one thrilled! I have always wanted to see more of the globe and become a citizen of the world, not just another country; what better way than to become an exchange student? Even though Czech seems like a really difficult language, I’m excited to jump in and get started on, what I’m sure will be, a challenging road to fluency. Not to mention how eager I am to meet the people I will meet and see the places I will see. I’d like to thank everyone along the way who provided so much assistance and support, without you none of this would be possible. It means so much to me to have this opportunity and know I have such a wonderful group of people standing beside me and all of us, exchange students, to help us the whole way through. So thank you!!!!! And I cannot wait to begin this journey!(: