Kaely Banks
2013-14 Outbound to Poland

Hometown: Inverness, Florida
School: Citrus High School
Sponsor: District 6950, Florida
Host: The Rotary Club of Sobieski

Kaely's Bio

Cześć!! My name is Kaely Banks! I live in Inverness, Florida with my Mom and Dad. I have 4 pets, 3 chickens and my dog Nikita! But I recently have been begging my parents to get me a miniature piglet! I go to Citrus High School as a sophomore! My favorite subject in school is Science because one day I plan on becoming a Marine Biologist! In January I transfer from Citrus High School to the Marine Science Station here in Citrus County before I leave for Exchange and I am stoked! I am an extremely outgoing person and I love being around new people. I am nowhere near shy! I have been a cheerleader for 5 years and I currently cheer for Balcony Starz competitive team! Besides cheer leading, a minimum of 6 hours a week and school I love hanging out with my friends and tanning! How I became interested in Rotary Youth Exchange is through the current exchange students at my school! I became friends with both of them and they were always talking about the opportunities they were being handed and how they love learning about all the new things and they are so blessed to be here in Florida! I am so excited to get to try new things and learn Polish and there culture along with meeting a whole bunch of new people! During my year in Poland I want to gain a new perspective of the world and not be just limited to "American" views and ways. I want to become a better person, and be more independent in knowing that I can handle difficult times and the fun times that come with it! I want to gain new friendships and relationships with the people I meet in Poland. Learning the language, Gaining new experiences and relationships and being more open minded about the world is what I am most excited for! It’s amazing to know that this is reality and I am leaving in less than a year to go experience a once in a lifetime opportunity in a country so far away from my normal daily life! In 2013-14 Poland is where I will be!

Kaely's Journals


When I first arrived in Poland it was breathtaking. I walked out of baggage claim and my family was staying there along with other Rotarian's, and In-bounds that were currently here and they welcomed Luis and I (the guy from Mexico that I traveled with) with open arms! You truly feel like your on a red carpet with how many pictures they wanna take! Your like .2 seconds of fame is heavenly by the way haha! Even though I was exhausted my parents took me around town, and to pizza my first night which is absolutely amazing because its all fresh, unlike pizza hut or Domino's which is what I am used to! The next day I slept and then they took me to Old Town in Warsaw which is gorgeous, its like what you see in fairy tales all of the old super tall buildings! On August 22 I had language camp that consisted of all the kids in Poland, and boy was it fun and exhausting. 6 hours of classes a day and then we went on trips like to the theater or shopping. When I got back home fr om a very long ten days I started school which at first I was so nervous about. But when I got there all of the kids are so friendly, they want to know all about you. The most popular question I get is "Why did you choose Poland". I answer simply "I love snow, and I didn't mind what country I got as long as I got one, but I am so happy it ended up being Poland"! School has been going good, and thankfully I have made a lot of friends! I go to a bilingual school, so all the kids want to speak English with me so they can better there English but I need to learn polish! I'm starting to, I can pick up the basics of what people are saying. Everything that people have taught us about body language, seriously is your life here when you don't understand!! The transportation is a lot different from the small town I come from. There are metros, and buses, and subways, and railways, taxis, cars, everything! It's awesome to be in this huge city o f Warsaw!

Currently while writing this I am laying in a hospital bed at a polish hospital with appendicitis, which is unfortunate. The doctors and one nurse speaks English. I ate breakfast this morning and that's all, so I'm starving! But they won't feed me, just in case of possible surgery. I'm in here for two or three nights & if they do surgery I will be staying longer then that. You have to pay for the t.v in your room, literally you put coins in it and it turns on, I haven't figured out for how long it stays on yet though. The little girl across from me in bed 2 keeps turning It on! There's 4 beds in a room, and you can tell the difference between American and polish hospitals. This has taught me a few things, there's no other way to miss your family more, then to be stuck in a hospital without them. It also has taught me that I can be an extremely strong person, stronger then I thought I could ever be, and if I made it through these last few days in this bed I can do ANYTHING else life throws at me in the next year.

Now submitting it, I am now home and I just got released, surgery-less (thank goodness). Hopefully I will make a full recovery! I got to eat, that's good news!

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