Naomi Neal
2013-14 Outbound to Belgium

Hometown: Miami, Florida
School: New World School of the Arts
Sponsor: District 6990, Florida

Naomi's Bio

Salut! My name is Naomi Neal, I was born in sunny Miami and currently a senior at New World School of the Arts, majoring in Theatre. I love my city and was brought up in a very culturally diverse and thrilling atmosphere, so naturally, I have a lot of energy. My family is wonderful and extremely involved with the Arts. My father is a professional classical trumpet player, my mother a professional classical singer, and together they have traveled the world performing. I have two very spunky brothers named Jeremy (19) and Aidan (15) who are always making me laugh. I laugh a lot. Then there is Julia who was our exchange student from Hungary, but now very much apart of my family and a sister to me. Career-wise, I see myself continuing my training with Acting and being involved with theatres all over the world. To combine my passion for traveling with my passion for Acting is what I’ve always wanted, and it is something that I am working ver y hard towards. I also love to exercise! I work at a yoga studio presently and have been practicing yoga for 9 years. I enjoy jogging, swimming, skiing (when I can), and most of all hiking! I am totally an outdoors girl and fired up to explore Belgium’s stunning land. I wanted to go on exchange because I would like to be a very experienced traveler and thought that being introduced to the world in an incredible and safe program, is the best way to do that. I am honored that the first country I visit outside of the U.S.A is Belgium and what I will experience this coming year, will absolutely change my life. I hope to be completely fluent in the language, to develop in a new culture, and bring light to things that I have yet to discover about myself. I have always been a great admirer of beautiful things. In a new country, I will be inqusitive about all, I will absorb, observe and learn, I will live… and I will eat lots of chocolate.