Skye DiRoma
2013-14 Outbound to Croatia

Hometown: Beverly Hills, Florida
School: Lecanto High School
Sponsor: District 6950, Florida

Skye's Bio

Hello! My name is Skye DiRoma and I am 14 years old. I go to Lecanto High School and I live in Lecanto Florida. After hearing about the exchange program, I was super psyched and couldn't wait to start the process, but my Mother was a little hesitant at first. After learning more about it though, she became fully supportive along with my Father too. Their support has meant a lot to me, and I am very grateful for it. Most of my free time is spent doing homework because I am in the International Baccalaureate Program and there is a large workload. The time I am not doing homework though, I am usually being goofy and having fun with friends, as most teenagers do, but I also like to read a lot and write too. When I found out Croatia was the place I was going, I was ecstatic…it was one of my top choices! My whole family and friends were very happy for me and gave me their full support, which I was extremely grateful for. My brothers, Lucas and Noah, although very young, were also happy for me and gave me big hugs, although they told me they would definitely miss me. I am very excited about being given this amazing opportunity, and very thankful to the Rotary club for allowing me to have it. I can’t wait to meet so many new and different people, and gain all the unique and wonderful experiences that I am sure to.