Erica, outbound to Chile

My First Month In Chile :D

So it has officially been a month since I have arrived in Chile! Time is going by so fast! I have done so many awesome things since I've been here. Just the other day, I went with my Rotary club to a place that was kind of like a nursing home. It was for older people that did not have a lot of money. We went and fed them, gave them clothes, blankets, and basic cleaning supplies. One man was so happy he started crying. It made me realize how much we take for granted. These people had little to nothing and it was so awesome to help these people and give back to the community. This experience really helped show me what "Service above self" really meant.

I also made s'mores with my host family today. They loved them. They all had a least four! It was fun to watch them roast marshmallows and accidentally catch them on fire. Also really funny to watch them eat them and get it all over their faces (by the way I couldn't find graham crackers here so we improvised with some other crackers but they fell apart easily and it was even more messy).

While all of the fun, awesome things are good to do and talk about, exchange changes a person. If I were to come home tomorrow (heaven forbid), I wouldn't be the same person I was when I left. I feel like on my exchange, I have become happier. I feel more comfortable in my own skin. I am not as afraid to approach new people, make mistakes, ask questions, etc. For example, before exchange I would sit in class and the teacher would ask a question and I knew the answer but didn't want to raise my hand in case I was wrong. I was a perfectionist. Now, I always try to participate in class, answer the question, and try new foods, even though it is in a different language and a different country. I have realized that nobody is perfect and its okay to make mistakes. That is how we learn. Though I have learned so much on this extraordinary adventure, there is always more to learn. Always. I am looking forward to learning more Spanish, more about Chile, and more about the world.