Julia, outbound to Croatia


Wow, 8 months, it’s extremely hard to believe that it’s been so long since I first arrived to Croatia. This country has felt like home for a while now, and it’s getting pretty soon to my having to realistically consider all the trials of departing. I can easily still recall my arrival, the anxiety, the excitement. That feeling of adrenalin in the pit of my stomach didn’t leave, not when my first flight from Orlando to St. Paul was over, not after the 6 hour flight all the way to Amsterdam. Not even that night as I lay in an unfamiliar bed, an unfamiliar house, contemplating what the next 10 months of my life were going to be like.

Even so far into exchange, when daily life has truly become normal and I go about my life habitually. Of course, there’s still an incredible amount of excitement and interesting events. I actually just returned from the gorgeous coastal city of Dubrovnik, one of the best known and widely visited places in Croatia. It took a 10 hour bus ride and a lot of patience, and even though I only got to spend a few days there, it was incredible and I would love the chance to repeat the experience. The city is beyond beautiful and I could have spent days just looking out at Old Dubrovnik from one of the best viewpoints available, the enormous wall that encases the city.
I live in an average sized town in northern Croatia (it’s a mere 30 minutes away from the Hungarian border!) Called Varaždin. The town is made up of all different styles of buildings – baroque, gothic, rococo – and many beautiful churches. The center is covered in cobblestones and it’s hard to go 20 ft without being able to see at least 3 cafés. I never truly get used to how lovely it is, my walk to school is about 15 minutes long, and sometimes in the mornings I’ll randomly stop and marvel over my little town.

I’m also very, very excited as Eurotour is in about 3 weeks, for outbounds in Austria and Croatia that is. We’re traveling for near 3 weeks to cities in Germany, Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, and more!