Paxton Sanchez


Hometown:Jacksonville, Florida
School: Douglas Anderson School of the Arts
Sponsor District : District 6970
Sponsor Club:South Jacksonville, Florida
Host District: District TBA
Host Club: TBA

My Bio

My name is Paxton Sanchez, and I will be spending the next year of my life in Hungary! I am more than thrilled to be given this opportunity and cannot wait for it to begin! I live in Jacksonville Florida with my mom and grandmother. My mom and I live together along with my kitten Link. My grandma lives around the corner, so she might as well live with us. I go to Douglas Anderson School of the arts, for performance theatre. Douglas Anderson is ranked as one of the top art schools in the nation, so as you would imagine the theatre program is no easy task and ends up taking up a lot of my time. But I’m not complaining, because theatre is one of my favorite things to do. Besides theatre most of my other free time is taken up by biking and most importantly hanging out with friends. I think I am fairly outgoing and am definitely not afraid to try new things, hence me going to Hungary for a year! I would like to formally thank Rotary for this opportunity, and I would like to also thank my future host family for having me in their home. Kívánj nekem sok szerencsét!