William, outbound to Poland

I am currently halfway through my exchange. When I look back on my months spent in Poland, I see that I've done a lot in such a short amount of time. I’ve visited most of the major cities in Poland, I’ve been to Prague in the Czech Rep., and I’ve been to Helsinki in Finland. I’ve made many friends in Poland as well. Many of them are exchange students, but I live in a city without any of them. This has given me a great opportunity to make friends with many kids from my school.

Although it is still difficult for me to travel around my city to visit these friends, I do what I can, and if all else fails, I can hang out with some of my friends that are within walking distance from my house. Although I hang out with friends often, it is only on the weekends. Polish students don’t do many activities after school. Some play soccer, others play volleyball, but the majority head home and do not do much for the rest of the day. This makes my weekdays boring, but I sometimes go to the gym or walk to the store with a friend to fill the time.

I have spent all of my time in Poland so far with one host family, but soon I am going to switch, and I can’t wait to see this country from a different perspective by doing so. With the first half of my exchange coming to a close, I am excited to see the second half open up in front of me. It will start off with a ski trip in Italy and end with a flight back to America, I’m sure everything in between these events will be worth learning the language for.

P.S. Polish is a hard language to learn.