Chris O'Neill


Hometown: Islamorada, Florida
School: Coral Shores High School
Sponsor District : District 6990
Sponsor Club: Key Largo, Florida

Host District: 2360

Host Club: Lerum Aspen Rotary Club and Lerum Rotary Club



My Bio

I am a senior in high school, I plan on going to college for computer programming and software development. I have been programming for three years and I am currently working on a smart house program along with my brothers using a combination of Raspberry Pi's and Arduinos (Raspberry Pi acts as a computer relay that can receive, process, and output data to an Arduino, a electrical relay, which can send and receive electrical impulses. Both are open to limitless customization). I am a big technology and science fan; I am intrigued by feats of engineering, physics, chemistry, and computer sciences. A large portion of my life is devoted to figuring out how objects and machines work, why they work, and how I can make them more efficient. I've done this with many objects ranging from broken portable gaming systems, to speakers, to lamps, and even a television. After studying these objects I've gotten a feel for how they work and I've been able to recover some that were failing or broken. Other than the technological world, I am interested in learning about different cultures. I want to learn more about other countries' lifestyles, the food they eat, the way their political system is structured, the way their cities are designed and what reason they're designed in that way.

The entrance to "The Maze" A series of tunnels running through the cave that some of the inbounds and I went through

The entrance to "The Maze" A series of tunnels running through the cave that some of the inbounds and I went through

The entrance to "The Maze" A series of tunnels running through the cave that some of the inbounds and I went through

The entrance to "The Maze" A series of tunnels running through the cave that some of the inbounds and I went through

Journals: Chris - Sweden 2015-16

  • Chris: Outbound to Sweden

    Hey everyone! These past few weeks have been amazing! I just started school again after the winter break where I came back from a skiing trip in Branäs where I learned how to ski for the first time. I also went to the south of Sweden to Åhus where I visited the whole family of my first host family. When I came back I moved to my second host family and marked the 50% point on my exchange.

  • Chris: Outbound to Sweden

    Hejsan alla! (Hey everyone!)

    I brief update on my adventures here in Sweden, the days are slowly becoming shorter but are still just as action packed as ever. In the near future I will be skiing with my current host family as well as my next. The Swedish language is becoming easier to understand and learn every day. I have also experienced "sill" which is a very accustomed taste, consisting of herring and a strong mustard sauce.

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  • Chris: Outbound to Sweden

    Hej alla! (Hey everyone!) A small update on what I have been doing over the past month, I went on so many different trips both with Rotary and some with friends that I have made here in Sweden.

    First we went on a weekend long sailing trip from Uddevalla to go and explore Sweden's archipelago on the west coast.

    The next week I had my final crayfish party with other exchange students and Swedes from the Gothenburg district and the Stockholm district.

    After that weekend I helped out with a program called Världens Barn (The World's Children) which is an organization that helps children in under developed nations with education, living, and more.

    And yesterday I participated in an event called Journey to the End of the Night which is a race in Gothenburg that takes place at night where the participants (runners) have to go to a series of checkpoints which are located on a map. While trying to figure out where to go and how to get there the runners had to avoid people called chasers who's jobs were to chase after the runners and capture them making that runner into a chaser (some of the chasers were dressed in Halloween costumes and that can get a bit frightening especially because some legs of the race were not lit up at night). A lot more pictures to come!

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  • Chris: Outbound to Sweden


    This is the start to many journal postings I will display on the RYE Florida website. I arrived into Sweden on July 30th mentally preparing myself for an experience that would be life changing for me. After nearly an entire day in the air crossing the Atlantic (referred to commonly as "The Pond" here) I had finally arrived in Gothenburg Airport where I met both of my host families and several members of the local Rotary clubs. My first host family is truly amazing and I had the greatest opportunity to meet their son before he left for his exchange to The United States.

    This past week I had been in Ädelfors for the language camp that Rotary provides for the exchange students coming to Sweden. Much like everywhere else in Sweden, Ädelfors is breath-taking. The entire week was nothing but clear sunny skies and cool nights. I met numerous students from The United States, Europe, South America, and Asia, and by the end of the we ek we all felt like we'd known each other for years.

    Now you may be thinking "Wow! That sounds awesome, what could be better?" and I will tell you what made this week at language camp the best week I have experienced. We went to Kleva Gruva which is a copper and nickel mine dating to the mid 1600's. The cave alone is roughly 60 meters below the surface and there were pools of water that ran another 50 meters.  Towards the end of the week in the language camp there was a meteor shower; and in Ädelfors you are basically in the middle of nowhere so the night sky was so visible you could see parts of the Milky Way.

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