Emma, outbound to Germany

I have been in Germany for just over a month and this month has been the best month of my life! Aside from being delayed in the Atlanta airport overnight on my way here everything has gone smoothly. At the Frankfurt airport I was welcomed by all of my host families and it was such a relief to finally be where I was supposed to be. My host family has been so wonderful and welcoming since my arrival and I truly feel at home. Luckily I arrived two weeks before school started which allowed me to explore this beautiful country a little bit. I have been to wine festivals, where I have tried many different foods – curry wurst being my favorite – castles, museums and on beautiful hikes. My local town, Waldalgesheim, is very small but I am close to Frankfurt and my school is in Bad Kreuznach, which is a quaint town.

After being in school here for two weeks, I can say I am excited to be able to understand and participate in class. Right now, my morning commute to school is not bad but I do take a bus and a train. The afternoon commute is longer because the connections are not the same. Most of the time I have to wait but it allows me time to study and everyone around is very nice. When I get home we usually have lunch as a family and talk about our days. My host family is very supportive and we are having a very good time.

This past weekend I had my first district orientation where I met all the inbounds, it was so great to meet everyone I would be sharing my experience with during my time here. I will be attending an intensive language course over the first break of school but then will be participating in the Berlin trip sponsored by Rotary which I am very excited about!

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