John Hutton


Hometown: St. Augustine, Florida
School: Allen D. Nease Senior High School
Sponsor District : District 6970
Sponsor Club: Ponte Vedra Beach Sunset, Florida
Host District: 4650
Host Club: The Rotary Club of Blumenau Norte


My Bio

I am John Hutton, an Outbound for Brasil. I have lived in St. Augustine my whole life and am incredibly excited and thankful to live somewhere else, especially somewhere as stunning as Brasil. I hope to work heavily on my Portuguese as well as grow as a person while on exchange. My main hobbies include playing clarinet and piano, going to the beach, sailing, camping, and eating. I have played Clarinet in the Nease Band for four years and played Piano a little longer. As I said, I have grown up in St. Augustine close to the beach and come from a sailing family. I am a strong swimmer and proficient sailor. I've been in the Boy Scouts since Kindergarten and have sound knowledge of the outdoors. As far as food is concerned I consider my palate to be open. I will eat just about anything as long as it is not too spicy. I used to play lacrosse and basketball and enjoy throwing Frisbee and playing Ultimate Frisbee. I am working to learn Portuguese and have taken four years of Spanish at Nease High School. I have attended Memorial Presbyterian Church my whole life but am more than open to any religion. I have two marvelous parents, Skip and Nancy Hutton, and a fantastic older brother, Daniel. I am incredibly thankful for this wonderful opportunity.


The Rio Negro and Rio Amazona

The Rio Negro and Rio Amazona

Dolphins featuring Jacky and Jolina

Dolphins featuring Jacky and Jolina

Journals: John - Brazil 2015-2016

  • John, outbound to Brazil

    Howdy from Brasil! I recently went on a trip with Belo Brasil to the state of Amazonia in northern Brasil. It was an amazing trip and is really hard to describe. My favorite part of the trip was the people I had the opportunity to meet. People I may never see again but will nonetheless have a lasting impact on my life. But, I cannot hope to convey how wonderful many of the people I met are. I can however describe the things we did together.

    We flew into Manaus, the capitol of Amazonia, and stayed there one night in a lovely hotel. Our second night was in a jungle lodge father away from the city. The first night there we saw a dance troop, ate quite possibly the most delicious pineapple the world has ever seen, and chose our boats. That night we also hiked to a waterfall, first in the pouring rain that gives the rain forest its name, and then in the dark. On this hike we entered a cave full of bats and walked through a waterfall. It was such a unique experience and an incredible way to start the trip. The next morning we walked to another beautiful waterfall and swam there. Then we took a bus to the boats we would use to explore the Rio Amazonas and the Rio Negro. There were three boats for sleeping: Sloth, Alligator, and last but not least Anaconda. There was also a dinning boat where we would eat breakfast lunch and dinner. The food was excellent and I certainly enjoyed the all you can eat buffet three times a day. I also enjoyed the delicious watermelon and pineapple that was constantly available on the individual boats.

    The majority of the trip was spent on the boats. We saw a little bit of the Amazon River but spent most of our time on the Rio Negro. The Rio Negro is more acidic than the Amazon and therefore less mosquitoes hatch in its waters. Where the two rivers meet the water does not mix for three reasons. The Rio Negro is warmer, more acidic, and flows slower than the Amazon so the two different colored rivers appear to be separate. We saw this the first day in the boats after leaving Manaus. We visited an Indian tribe during our time on the boats. We saw a traditional dance, some of the medicine that they used, and their school. Later in the trip we visited a normal community in the region. We saw their school as well and played a fun game of soccer with the locals.

    We saw many unique and rare animals on the trip but the coolest animals were the Bixo Pregisa( sloth), the Jacaré ( alligator), and the anaconda (anaconda). We took pictures with all three of these animals. I will try to include them in this entry. Everyone loves sloths so it was great to get a picture with one. My favorite animal was the Boto Rosa which is a pink dolphin not to be confused with Bota Rosa which is a pink boot. We swam in the water with these dolphins twice. There were “dolphin trainers” who would feed fish to the dolphins while we swam in the water next to the dolphins. It was insane to be that close to such a powerful, beautiful, and wild animal. Learning about the unique animals, trees, and people in the Amazon was a once in a life time experience.

    Thank you to anyone and everyone who helped get me to Brasil and to the Amazon. It was unbelievably fun! I enjoyed it so much! I wish I could go back and I hope I can visit the wonderful people I met in the future.

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  • John, outbound to Brazil

    Howdy from Brasil. I have been in Brasil for almost five months now and it has been incredible but this journal will focus on a trip outside of Brasil. Recently I traveled to Buenos Aires, Argentina to visit my Aunt and I had a wonderful time. I stayed in Buenos Aires for 5 days at the beginning of my Christmas/summer vacation (summer because the seasons are inverted in the Southern Hemisphere). The neighborhoods within Buenos we visited were Palermo, Puerto Madero, La Boca, San Telmo, Constitucion, and Recoleta. I got the chance to practice my Spanish or more accurately my Portunhol (a mixture of Portuguese and Spanish). Some of the highlights of this trip were staying in the gorgeous Palermo neighborhood, walking through La Recoleta cemetery, experiencing the numerous parks located throughout Buenos Aires, visiting La Malba (probably the coolest museum I’ve ever been to), and seeing the Teatro Colon, El Obelisco, and the Floralis Gene rica (a giant moving aluminum sculpture of a flower located in the Plaza de las Naciones Unidas). However, the best part of the trip was of course seeing my lovely Aunt and Uncle.

    One morning while my Aunt and Uncle were still asleep I walked to the Floralis Generica to see the sun rise. What I did and saw is completely describable. But the feeling of walking through the beautiful streets of Buenos Aires, confident in my ability to be alone in a foreign country, and marvelling at the gorgeous sunrise is indescribable. Without a doubt these are memories I will keep with me for the rest of my life. Other than walking we took taxis to navigate Buenos Aires.

    Other cool miscellaneous information about my visit to Buenos Aires is within La Recoleta, a giant cemetery in the heart of Buenos Aires, is the grave of Eva Peron. Buenos Aires is famous for tango although there is a debate whether it began in Uruguay. We saw a tango performance on the street in Buenos Aires. While I have never been to Europe, Buenos Aires is supposedly very European. Buenos Aires is sometimes called “the Paris of the South.”
    While there were many great meals in Buenos Aires I think the best was at a steak house in Palermo. The meat in Buenos Aires was almost as good as the meat in Brazil but this steakhouse was very very close. The atmosphere reminded me of the Ice Plant Bar and Restaurant where I worked in St. Augustine, while the food was deliciously Argentinian. Aside for its meat, Argentina is famous for its Alfajores. Argentinian Alfajores consist of Dulce de Leche between two round cookies. We found a lovely Confeitaria near the Airbnb where we stayed. That sold wonderful pastries including Alfajores. It was super fun cooking with my Aunt in the Airbnb. An Airbnb is an apartment that functions as a hotel. So we had an apartment with a functioning kitchen for the duration of our stay. Basically, the food in Buenos Aires was excellent.

    Overall, Buenos Aires was the prettiest city I have ever seen. I was astounded by the beauty of Buenos Aires from the buildings, to the parks, to the Jacaranda trees, to the people. Buenos Aires is a remarkable city and I am thankful and pleased I had the opportunity to visit.

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  • John, outbound to Brazil

    De todos os lugares do mundo, eu prefiro estar aqui.

    Howdy from Brasil. I am John Hutton and I am currently living in the beautiful city of Blumenau, in the gorgeous state of Santa Catarina, in the wonderful country that is Brasil. I couldn’t be happier to be in such an amazing place and I have to start off my first journal entry with thanking Rotary.

    Being an exchange student is such a unique and singular experience that would never be possible without the devoted work of so many incredible volunteers from Rotary. Also, to all the host families across the world who are selflessly giving up their time, and money, and normally a room so that a young person can have the opportunity of a life time, thank you. My first host family has been incredibly welcoming and generous, sharing with me their culture, life style, and, almost as important, their food.

    I will talk briefly about the food here in Brasil, although it can truly be summed up in three words, come try it. My favorite food so far is Picanha, a cut of beef of which the poor residents of the United States are incredulously oblivious. Churrasco, the Brasilian version of barbecue, is how picanha and many other meats are prepared in Brasil. Many of the foods here are surprisingly similar to foods in the US. For example, maionese, which translates to mayonnaise, is rather similar to what the U.S. calls potato salad. However, Farofa, a delicious flour mixture, is nowhere to be found in the U.S. While the transition into the Brasilian diet was flawless for my mouth, my stomach has needed some yogurts and bananas to help win it over and is now fully on board with the diet.

    An important aspect of exchange is the Rotary club in your host country. I belong to the Rotary Club of North Blumenau and thoroughly enjoy attending meetings and Rotary functions. I was fortunate enough to give my presentation within my first month here and share about myself, my city, and my country. I was thrilled when after I had answered some questions one of the Rotarians stood up and complimented my Portuguese and my speaking skills. The Rotary here loves to have Churrascos much to my delight. In fact, the past two weekends we have had back to back Rotary Churrascos.

    My school is called Escola Barão do Rio Branco and I enjoy not only the students but also the professors. I have made good friends with my classmates and am currently working on a project about the history of rap. Every day we have different classes and unlike the U.S. the professors rotate from class to class instead of the students. This is helpful because I stay with the same group of students all day. While I don’t understand everything my teachers say my Portuguese is rapidly and pleasantly improving. I will talk more about language in a later episode of Howdy from Brasil but for now I will sign off until next time as I should be getting ready for dinner. Tchau tchau.

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