Savannah, outbound to Germany

In just the matter of a few days, I now have a new family, new home, new school, new friends, new language, new landscape, new climate: a new life. My perspective of the world has already begun to change. No longer is "Europe" just a continent in a far away land which has great food and a different way to measure things. I've only spent 3 weeks in Germany, and I think I'm quite honestly in love. The language is still difficult (doubtful if it will ever become easy) but I am improving everyday.

Back in Florida, I would only have about a 5 minute drive to school. Here, it is more of a journey to and from school each day. And the thing is, I actually kind of like it. It is so pretty, so cool, and it gives me a sense of adventure every single day.

And don't even get me started on the food here. OMG. I love it. Bread with practically every meal; what's not to love? I'm always going out to a cafe for a coffee with friends, and having some kind of small dessert. It is a good thing that I do not drive everywhere here, because using public transportation and walking is the only thing that is keeping me in shape ;)

In just a short time, I have completely fallen in love with life here, and have a hard time remembering how things were back in Florida. Well, apart from the weather, because it is cold here. No matter what the "locals" say, this is NOT summer! Not time for "hot pants", and definitely not "nice and warm". Germans need to experience a South Floridan summer. But, then again, they do not have AC here, so maybe it is a good thing that it isn't hot. :)
Soon to write another journal...
Savannah G :)

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