Amalah Matthews


Hometown: St.Petersburg, Florida
School: Dixie Hollins
Sponsor District: 6950
Sponsor Club: St. Petersburg Midtown
Host District: 3680
Host Club


My Bio

Hello, or An Yung as they say in Korea. My name’s Amalah and I’m 14 years old and will be turning 15 this April a couple of months before I leave. A little about me is I absolutely love to read it’s one of my favorite hobbies to do. I can’t even remember when I started reading. Harry Potter is my favorite book series of all time. Right now I’m in my freshman year of high school and I almost don’t want it to end. After school I have a couple of activities, I go to track practice where I try and get my endurance up and work on hurdles. Once I finished my running I head over to tennis where I do my best to hit the ball which is also fun. I also used to play basketball for my high school before the season ended. The reason I wanted to do this exchange is because even as a little girl I always wanted to travel the world and see other places and learn about all the different cultures that makes us…us. On my exchange I hope to make a good impression and to touch other people the way that I have by the special people in my life. So far my family has been very supportive, they’ve been a little reluctant to let me leave. They tell me all the time how proud they are of me even if it’s me joining the anime club or being a representative in student council.

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