Ben, outbound to Italy

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Hi everybody I'm Ben and I'm a little behind in putting this up on the website. Well I'm currently in Italy in district 2050 in a little town called Crema, which is 30-40 mins away from Milan. I have had a crazy time here, the people I've met the things I've done, it's indescribable, I've seen the biggest lake in Italy, I've been to Venice, and I've been to Milan more times than I can count. I went to a gorgeous island for orientation filled with the nicest people you ever meet where we just met people and talked for hours. Being a exchange student is unbelievable in every aspect, everyone is so nice to you, everyone is trying to help you succeed in everything. Though it isn't the easiest thing but the reward far outweighs the struggle for instance, I had trouble with my language it wasn't coming along as fast as I wanted it too, but though perseverance and a loooot of help from my Rotary and my host parents my Italian is getting better more quickly than before. But god if you are looking for a experience to change your life this is it. In a week and some change I'm going skiing so that should be fun and ill be sure to tell about in my journal for January, lots of love over here in Italy!!!