Carly Roberts


Hometown: Ponte Vedra, Florida
School: Ponte Vedra
Sponsor District: 6970
Sponsor Club: Ponte Vedra Beach
Host District: 4730
Host Club: Curitiba-Marumby


My Bio

My name is Carly Roberts. I was born in Texas but have lived in Ponte Vedra, Florida for 10 years. I am graduating high school a year early so that this exchange can be a ‘gap year’ before I start college. Participating in a Rotary Youth Exchange has been a lifelong goal and I truly look forward to spending a year with the amazing people of Brazil. My parents, three siblings, and I have a lot of fun together. I enjoy playing card games, taking walks, and watching movies with my family. My own hobbies are always changing as I find new things that interest me. In the past I have swam competitively, designed sets for plays, and acted. Currently I’m on a church basketball team, play the piano, debate on a Model UN team, and I’m very interested in photography. But no matter what I’m doing I believe in being kind, courageous, honest, and faithful. As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints I strive to be a good Christian and better person than I was yesterday. I hope that on this exchange I will have experiences that help me grow. I hope that I will be able to adapt to the Brazilian culture and keep the best parts of it with me for the rest of my life. And I hope that I can bring a smile to everyone I meet on my exchange.

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