Caroline Zapert


Hometown: Tallahassee, Florida
School: Leon
Sponsor District: 6940
Sponsor Club: Tallahassee
Host District: 4540
Host Club: Ribeirao Preto-Norte


My Bio

Oi! I am Caroline Zapert and I will be living in Brazil for my senior year! Brazil wasn't my first choice (or even my fifth) but hey - the little owl on Duolingo says my Portuguese is getting there. When I initially mentioned the program to my mom she almost reflexively replied, "But you'll be missing out on senior year!" And I think I'm doing just the opposite. I hope to gain so much more by studying abroad than what I'd be experiencing here in Tallahassee - don't take this the wrong way, all you die-hard Seminoles, but I need to DO something. At home, I live with both my mom and my dad: my mom for one week, my dad the next. My little brother switches back and forth at the same intervals that I do and equally dreads having to drive back over when something is forgotten. That's a luxury I'm certainly going to miss in Brazil - driving. I'll miss my cats, too, as well as the one TV show for which I have a series recording scheduled. Jeopardy. As far as junior year goes, it really isn't THAT bad. Sure, I have some nights where I turn on my Keurig at 1:30a.m. and I want to die by seventh period but it's all in the name of my love for learning. I've never traveled farther than New England. I had never even gotten painfully wanderlusty until I found myself on the RYE Florida website, writing a letter to my future host family (!!!!!???!?!?). It's still wild to think about how people who don't know I exist will be putting up with me in the months to come. I should probably learn to play soccer, or better yet, learn to dance. I can't wait for Brazil!!

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