Catherine, outbound to Spain

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¡Hola a todos! Me encanta mi vida en España y todo está bien. Hi everyone! I love my life in Spain and everything is going good! I'm living in a little town called Tres Cantos right outside Madrid. I'm going to talk about when I first arrived and just life in general. When I first arrived, I had stayed up for several hours, so I was obviously exhausted, and I managed to get lost in the airport lol. Trying to find my luggage and where to go to find my parents was a little challenging, but I made it! I met my counselor along with my family, and we went off to get churros for breakfast. The food here is amazing!! I think my new favorite food is fuet (it's kind of like sausage). Gazpacho is awesome too (basically a cold soup made with tomatoes, carrots and a few other vegetables, but my family eats it more as a juice). I had paella too (which is kind of to die for). The food we eat here too is home cooked, which is amazing. I also do a lot of cooking with my family.

My family was very welcoming, and by my second day in Spain my little sister was already telling me 'I love you'. 

Other than a few snags I had with figuring out public transportation, everything else has been perfect. I do a have a few funny stories though! Once, when I was coming back from Madrid, I took the wrong train in the opposite direction for about twenty minutes and ended up in a completely different city! I was fine though and I made it back alright (my host parents actually thought it was hilarious). I also did something similar recently where I took a wrong bus to a different city (whoops).

I'm starting to make friends at my school though, and when I'm not busy traveling I'm going to try and hang out with them! Last weekend I was actually in Barcelona. I saw the Sangrada Familia, which is the church they've been building for over 100 years. I also saw my grandparents, aunts and uncles, and my cousins. 

Some of the other things I've done since being in Spain is doing a 5k color run in Madrid with the other exchange students (pffff we walked it of course). I've gone hiking in Segovia too. My club also had a fundraiser party for charity that we went to, and I've gone to a few other Rotary organized events. 

There are so many things I've done that it's a little hard to tell you about all of them, but I'll try to tell you about the especially big trips I go on. 

I'll talk about more of my life, the food, and what other adventures I get into in Spain in my next journal!