Emma, outbound to Germany

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Hallo alles! Wow, after 2 and a half months I feel like this is the first time I can sit down and properly write this. Exchange is not something you can ever be prepared for, these last two months have been some of the best of my life and to try to put it all into words is near impossible. I have seen and done more things in this small portion of my life than I think I have ever done before. Being someone who has always never really been a fan of staying in one place for too long, I have definitely been able to fulfill that need while here. 
In this short time, I have probably visited over 25 museums, gone to countless beautiful cities, and made some of the best friends I have ever had. Just two days ago I arrived back from Denmark (which honestly deserves more credit because dang that is one awesome country), and prior to that I was lucky enough to go on a trip to Paris. These are places I never thought I would be able to step foot in, especially at such a young age, however thanks to this incredible program that became a reality.

While here I have also had to take in a new culture, way of life, and family. Although this has been trying at times, it’s all about taking it day by day. I now find myself already adjusting to the new ways of my family and it slowly becoming normal, which is one of the best feelings I have to say. I have also noticed how much more open-minded and excited about my life I have become, when you get out of the town you have lived in all of your life, you really realize how much more the world has to offer. Everything is at the tip of your fingers, you just have to leave your comfort zone for a minute to reach it. 

I’m now realizing this is all over the place, but as I said, it is near impossible to put this all into words!!! I just want to thank Rotary and everyone who has made this possible for me because I can feel myself changing for the better every day. Also if you are thinking about doing exchange, I have three words for you, JUST DO IT!!!

All my love and until next time,