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Hometown: Saint Augustine, Florida
School: Saint Augustine
Sponsor District: 6970
Sponsor Club: St. Augustine
Host District: 2110
Host Club: Palermo Nord


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Ciao! My name is Hutchinson VanDyke, I prefer to be called Hutch, and I am from Saint Augustine, Florida, USA. I am 17 years old and attend Saint Augustine High School where I am enrolled in the AICE program. Of all my courses in school, Calculus and Environmental Science are my favorites. In my spare time, I am a volunteer coach at my local middle school and AAU Basketball club, which I have done since I quit playing basketball in 11th grade. Also, I enjoy going surfing and trying to go swim out and play with the dolphins. One of my major hobbies is listening and searching for new music. I love sitting down with my friend and vibing to a new jam. I'm open to all genres, but primarily I listen to indie alternative, punk/post-punk rock, and some rap. My love for traveling started at a young age as my family was constantly taking trips all over the continent, which inspired me to go to Peru this spring with a school group and two week exchange to Aviles, Spain as part of my town's City Sister Organization. Excitement rushes over me as I look ahead to spending the next year of my life in one of the most beautiful countries, the friendships that will be made, and the challenges overcome, ci vediamo!

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Journals: Hutch – Italy 2016-17

  • Hutch, outbound to Italy

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    Well, on the 10th of March will be my 6th month here. Time is really starting to exponentially accelerate lately, giving me anxiety if I can do all that I want to accomplish in time :), but I'll find a way. These past couple of months I have concentrated on understanding my family better and working with them to build a better relationship between us. Through these trials, I have noticed how much easier it is to communicate with a person when you just tell them how you feel. This of course may seem to be the most obvious choice in hindsight or from the outside observer, but during a moment of discussion of emotion, the idea to tell them how I actually feel never came to me. instead changing subject or clamming up was what I typically chose. And now I change subject, I recently had a chapter in History class on Political Philosophers such as Rousseau and Locke and I'm glad I paid attention in those lectures, as I thoroughly enjoyed learning a bout their works, and I plan to read more about them. Also, we had an interrogation, which is like an oral test in Italian school, in English class, which means for me that I have to do it in Italian, as the rest of the class does it in English, which they have studied for 4 years now. The selected people had to summarize the plot of Robinson Crusoe, and talk about the author a little bit. Out of the 7 people that had to do it, I did the best out of all of them, in terms of grammar, vocabulary, and subject knowledge. That was a good day, to come from where I started to there, a nice benchmark to measure myself. Also my pasta is getting good man

  • Hutch, outbound to Italy

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    About to finish my fourth month here on the 10th, time here slowly accelerating as the first month felt like several lifetimes and the last month passed by rather quickly. By far the biggest change was of the family. My family in America is very very relaxed and lax of enforcing rules, as my Italian family is just about the polar opposite. This was a challenge for me at first to adapt to having actual expectations around the house, but I overcame and I'm glad there are so tight and strict because it's a form of parenting which I never accepted and it is helping me be a more disciplined and attentive person. The Italian is coming, my ability is inconsistent but my speaking is reliant on confidence more than anything. I have never felt more ALIVE

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