Jared, outbound to Belgium

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As of today I have been in Belgium for exactly four and a half months, during my time here I have experienced and seen more than I would have ever imagined. In fact just this past week I’ve been able to visit Paris, spend some time in an apartment by the North Sea and celebrate the coming of the New Year with my friends in the heart of Brussels. It hasn’t always been easy, especially in the first couple months but now that I have been here for so long I feel that I am well adjusted to the new way of life along with the Belgian culture. My fluency in my host language was slim to none when I first arrived but now it’s safe to say that I have accomplished leaps and bounds to the extent of which I am now confidant in my French.

About a week ago I went through my first host family change. I loved my first host family and we got along really well, but in general I’m glad for the change as it will allow me to experience the way different families live. So far things have been going good but it will probably be a couple of weeks until I’m able to fully adjust. My new family lives in the suburbs right outside of the Brussels and consists of a single mom and her daughter along with a dog named Lou and a cat named Charleroi, which is a pretty big change considering my first host family had four kids and lived right in the center of the city.
My Rotary host club is the club of Bruxelles Erasme, I attend the meetings on average two times a month and I consider myself lucky as it is a fairly large club and everyone whom I’ve been able to meet so far has been very enthusiastic and encouraging about my exchange.