Justin, outbound to Denmark

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So, it's been about 5 months of exchange. I wish I could say it's been a shorter time. Time literally flies away from this year and I don't know where it goes. My time here is limited and I wish I had more of it. If I got to stay longer I'd LOVE it. So far it has had it's ups and its downs. Fortunately it's been more up than it has down! I haven't had much homesickness at all, which is really great! The downs in my exchange have been hard but haven't lasted too long and are not very bad. The ups have been amazing and wonderful. Things that will stay with me for the rest of my life. The experiences, the people, the friendships, everything is so surreal. This is why I wish it to last for longer. If only, right? I'm having literally the time of my life and I don't want to go back! It is truly an amazing feeling, yet scary. A cursed blessing! Getting a year to have a great time and having it all end after 10 months. 

Seriously an ominous deal. Everything up to this point in my exchange has been a great positive experience. My Rotary Club is great, I love my city, my friends are amazing, and both of my host parents have been amazing hosts and so kind to me! I am so so happy to be in this wonderful and happy country. Definitely a lot better in person than looking at pictures or reading about it. Denmark is definitely a country and culture to experience first hand, somewhere to be thrown into. A good kind of "thrown into", don't get me wrong. Everything here is amazing, and I feel extremely lucky to be able to experience this amazing culture with these amazing people. Thank you!