Kendall Zielke


Hometown: Oviedo, Florida
School: Circle Christian
Sponsor District: 6980
Sponsor Club: Winter Springs
Host District: 2390
Host Club


My Bio

Hej! Jag heter Kendall, trevligt att träffas! -Hello! My name is Kendall, pleased to meet you! I’m from Oviedo, a small suburb east of Orlando, Florida. In a few months I graduate from Circle Christian School and will be spending my exchange as a gap year. From being a lighting tech to building a plane and learning to fly to enrolling in state universities, I enjoy numerous things, the foremost being a challenge. Although I spend much time on school, I also love volunteering with my church and Girl Scouts, painting, playing in a local orchestra, and watching and creating films. Additionally, I have a passion for cooking and, to a greater extent, eating! I’m eager to both metaphorically and literally devour the cultures I will meet. My parents, my two older brothers, and I have always traveled, but I had never dreamed of an adventure like this, and I aim to dive into every challenge with an open-minded zeal. As other cultures become clearer to me, I aspire to be an outstanding example of all the things, places, and people I will represent. I hope to regard the friends I'll meet and my host families as actual family. Since I was young, I have defined myself by a proficiency in the English language, but with trepidation and excitement I plan to gain mastery of Swedish and whatever else may find me. Even though I adore Florida, I’m keenly curious about the diametric climate and environment. Finally, though I hope for better eloquence when I return to express this, to all the countless Rotarians, teachers and supervisors, my biological and host families‬ , and the innumerable friends I have made and will make: Tack for hjälpen. Du är väldigt vänlig. -Thank you for everything. You are very kind. Tills nästa gång!

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