Kendra Gross


Hometown: Lighthouse Point, Florida
School: Pompano Beach
Sponsor District: 6990
Sponsor Club: Pompano Beach
Host District: 1911
Host Club: Budapest-Sasad


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Szia! My name is Kendra Gross. I am a 16 year old sophomore at Pompano Beach High School. I live in South Florida with my family. I have an older sister who I am close to and I have two dogs and two hedgehogs that I love a lot. In my free time I like to scuba dive in Key Largo with my mom and sister. I also enjoy taking pictures of nature. I feel lucky to live in Florida because I get to spend my days at the beach soaking up the sun with my friends. In school I take all honors classes and AP Biology. My classes are challenging but my teachers are amazing and make the subjects interesting. I also take Peer Counseling which is one of my favorite classes because I love mentoring the younger students. My other favorite class is AP Biology because it's really cool and I am thinking about going into the medical field. I want to be an exchange student because I am so interested in the world around me. I dreamed about traveling to other places and learning about other cultures. If you told me a year ago that I would be doing this I definitely wouldn't have believed it! My dream didn't seem reachable until I learned about the exchange program. What I hope to accomplish this year is gaining independence and to become more outgoing. I want to be able to do new exciting things and make memories that I could never forget.

Journals: Kendra – Hungary 2016-17

  • Kendra, outbound to Hungary

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    This week was Autumn break and I went to Italy for most of it. I went to Perugia, Assisi and Venice. I went with my third host family and we met their friend who is Hungarian but has lived in Italy for twenty years. She translated for us throughout the trip. We went to a restaurant where we learned how to make a traditional Italian meal by hand. The coolest part was making the pasta. We also toured an oil factory that makes olive oil and dressings. Another thing we did was go to the Saint Francis Church which is very famous.We also walked around markets and looked in shops. While I was in Italy I experienced an earthquake for the first time. It was very scary but it was over quickly. I went to the city of Venice and I found it absolutely amazing. It was so mind blowing that a city was just built on top of the water. Venice was a beautiful city but unfortunately it probably won't be around when I have children because of the rising sea levels. I a m just glad I had the chance to go before it sinks. I also went on a gondola ride which was very cool. I celebrated Halloween there with my host siblings and my host families friend's children. I had a lot of fun. When I got back from Italy I went to the Rudas baths. It was a great experience and very relaxing. I am sad that Autumn break is ending but I am excited to see my friends at school again.

  • Kendra, outbound to Hungary

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    I have been in Hungary for three weeks now and it feels like I have been here for months. Hungary is such a beautiful country with its architecture and culture nothing can beat it. I arrived August 15th in the morning so I had the chance for some sightseeing. My wonderful host parents brought me to the Citadella which overlooks Budapest in its entirety. The Citadella is a giant hill that is definitely worth the climb. After, I was taken to one of the McDonalds my host father owns and I was delivered the awesome news that I can eat there for free anytime. My apartment is very cute and is on the top floor which means a lot of stairs for me. When my host parents gave me the keys to the kingdom I was surprised at how many there were and how different the keys looked compared to my American house key. I had two weeks before school started so I went to Lake Balaton for a little over a week and had a great time. The sunsets were stunning and every day they l looked different. I met the Hopka family a couple days into the vacation. They took me in as one of their own. They taught me a lot about Hungarian and I taught them some English. Unfortunately Noémi who is the closest to my age doesn’t go to my school but I plan to go to their house as much as I can. My host parents took me to the half island Tihány. It was very nice and pretty. I did my first souvenir shopping there along with seeing a very old church, eating marzipan and taking a car ferry. I also went swimming in Lake Balaton which was always freezing around 14 degrees Celsius. I am not homesick yet but I do miss my dogs a lot and the Hopka’s have an adorable little dog who makes me feel better. Back in Budapest Noémi took me sightseeing to the Parliament building, the Danube, a memorial on the Danube for the people shot into the river and Margaret Island. We got there just in time to see the fountain that plays music every hour and I got cotton c andy the size of my head. I have still not mastered the public transportation but I plan to soon. School started September 1st and I immediately had friends. I love my classmates so much they are so kind and I feel so lucky to have been put in class 10D. School here in Hungary is very different from Florida but a good different. I am looking forward to the many, many…many months ahead.

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