Marcello, outbound to Peru

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It has been three months and it could not have gone better. Everyone told me before I came that the first months were going to be hard and that the last seven would fly by. Well, these first three have flown by so I cannot even imagine what the rest of the year will be like. Peru is super awesome! The people here are all so kind and expressive. Family here is super important and I am so lucky that I have been put into such a great family. Not only is the family that I am living with so awesome, but so are their aunts, uncles, cousins,… The whole family has really made me feel as a part of them. It has been very nice to be in the capital city, Lima, because there are a lot of Rotary exchange students around which has been a great deal of fun. I have gotten quite close to many exchange students and will now have friends from all over the world. Another great thing about being in the capital is the transportation. Most people in the city travel in bus, although it is not your typical bus with bus stops. There are hundreds of buses everywhere that go just about anywhere in the city. These bus drivers drive like maniacs, stop wherever they would like, and scream out the window where they are going, although, it is written on the side of the bus. Riding the bus is more than just transportation, it is an experience every time. I ride the bus just about every day because this is how I get to school. School has been cool too, although very different than American school. I luckily am the only exchange student in the school so I have been forced to communicate in Spanish with my classmates, which has improved my Spanish tremendously. School gets boring at times but kids are always talking/screaming and the teacher is barely ever in control of the classroom. All in all it has been a great three months and I am super looking forward to my trip starting October 21st. I will be going to Arequipa, Puno, Lake Titicaca, Cusco, and Machu Picchu.