Maria Meza


Hometown: St. Petersburg, Florida
School: St. Petersburg Collegiate
Sponsor District: 6950
Sponsor Club: St. Petersburg West
Host District: 2550
Host Club


My Bio

こんにちは.マリアですよ!よろしくお願いします. 色々な言語勉強が好きですから日本に住んでるの間に日本語がペラペラになりたい.それと友達をたくさん出来たい. 日本行く事を楽しみにしています. これから英語で私についてを書きます. In Colombia, I was born in August, 1998. Around my first year of age my parents came to live in the United States. My family is quite spread out through the Americas; thus, I only live with my mother, father, tortoise, and my two cockatiels in Florida. Having my family spread out has also given me the chance of being bilingual. I can speak Spanish and English fluently. I really enjoy teaching others and talking in foreign languages. As for my school life, I attend St. Petersburg Collegiate high school. It’s a little different from normal high schools because I attend college classes, but it is still extremely fun, and it provides many clubs and activities for the students to indulge in. Some clubs I am a part of are Interact and the National Honor Society. I really enjoy these clubs because I can participate and help others by doing activities that I enjoy. For example, I enjoy drawing and writing, so I have made posters to promote events and Power Points for these clubs. I also don’t mind wearing costumes, so I dressed up once with other students for Interact. Other than participating in school clubs, in my free time I like to sew, draw, and learn Japanese. Even though I dedicate my time to these activities I still make a lot of mistakes, and I can’t remember certain stitches, rules, and vocabulary, but I do my utmost best with the hope of becoming the best I can be, so I can help others by doing things I'm passionate about. This is what Rotary is helping me accomplish with this opportunity, and I feel so lucky to have been given it! Thank you! 読んでくれてありがとうございます.

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