Martin Corredor


Hometown: Weston, Florida
School: Cypress Bay
Sponsor District: 6990
Sponsor Club: Pembrooke/Miramar
Host District: 1880
Host Club: Dresden-Goldener Reiter


My Bio

Hello! I am Martin Corredor and I am ecstatic about becoming an exchange student. A brief description of my family and I is as follows. My parents were born in raised in Colombia, where they had my two older brothers and I. When I was at the age of just 8 months old, we moved to the United States. We still have family and friends in Colombia so we try to visit every year. I feel that this blending of Latin and American culture has influenced and contributed to the shaping of who I am today. School can be often rigorous, but I always like to give it my all. When I am not gasping for air under a tremendous pile of schoolwork, I may be just hanging out and talking with my friends. Hanging out with friends is one of my favorite pastimes because we always have a good time and it has a pretty small financial budget. As for extracurricular activities, I am involved with UNICEF, Math Honor Society, and the Computer Science Club at Cypress Bay. Work for UNICEF usually consists of fundraising to donate to the international organization, so something like selling Gatorade at an outdoors event where everyone is melting under the blistering Florida sun. While for the Math Honor Society, I participate in tutor sessions for students that need help in math. Finally I participate in after school competitions for Computer Science. As I mentioned before, I couldn't be happier to be an exchange student. One of the most important qualities to have is definitely an open mind, to be open to new ideas and cultures can never go wrong. In my exchange year, I look to further open my mind to everything I can and to grow as a person.

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