Masha Wade


Hometown: Northport, Florida
School: Northport high school
Sponsor District: 6960
Sponsor Club: North Port
Host District: 2770
Host Club


My Bio

Hello, I am Mary Wade. My family, my mother and sister, come from Russia, and have moved around quite a lot! We love to travel and see new places, so when it came to moving to Florida from North Carolina we did not even blink an eye and we were here. My mom runs the house and is the best mom anyone could have. My sister who is 20 is persuing higher education online and helps around the house. She plans on being an english teacher in South Korea some day and we all support her dream. I am the youngest child and am 17! I am a junior at Northport High School and take mostly college level classes. I am also fond of the arts and take two orchestra classes, where I get to play cello for an hour or two every day! In my spare time I like riding my bicycle and reading books. I also like to study Japanese culture through films and documentaries. On my exchange to Japan I would like to accomplish the following: Enjoy the trip, learn japanese language as best as I can, participate in festivals and other holiday engagements, and of course make new friends! I hope to meet my host family soon and build a life time of friendships from around the world!

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