Micaela Hawkins


Hometown: Tallahassee, Florida
School: Columbia
Sponsor District: 6940
Sponsor Club: Lake City
Host District: 4340
Host Club: Curico


My Bio

Hello! I’m Micaela Hawkins and I'm a 17 year old junior who attends Columbia High School in Lake City where I live with my grandmother and cousins. My twin sister and brother live in Tallahassee with my two moms. I was so happy to learn that I was assigned to Chile because I have always had a passion for South America. I inherited my love of travel from my mother who at a young age traveled to Alaska and Africa. My brother who is a cyclist fueled my interest in South America, when he spent multiple years living in Colombia. My brother and I have plans to move to Colombia and teach English classes after I graduate. I am currently dual enrolled and taking advanced classes so I can move forward with my career sooner. Last year I had the opportunity to attend Rotary Youth Leadership Awards where I really realized my potential as a leader in my school. I’m also on the yearbook staff, where I can use my artistic and leadership qualities at the same time. This experience will be one in a million and I can't wait to begin my adventure. Since a young age my family has recognized that I am a free spirit and adaptable in any situation. Looking ahead at this upcoming year abroad I think that my personality and experiences will help me immensely in all aspects of this journey.

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