Nicholas Jarrett


Hometown: Frederick, Florida
School: Allen D. Nease
Sponsor District: 6970
Sponsor Club: Ponte Vedra Beach Sunset
Host District: 1860
Host Club: Bingen am Rhein


My Bio

Hello, my name is Nicholas Jarrett. I was born in Frederick, Maryland, and moved around Florida and Virginia. I live with my sister, Sydney (7), mom, and dad. I am currently a sophomore at Allen D. Nease. I am in my school's NJROTC unit, and participate in the unit's out of school activities. When I have free time, I enjoy drawing, travelling, and listening to music. While I have not travelled outside of the US, I have travelled domestically and enjoyed seeing everything that I have. I am learning ASL in school, which is where I learned about the Rotary Youth Exchange Program (there was a presentation for all ASL classes). I applied to join Rotary because I wanted to learn about the world and other countries' cultures, and Rotary appeared to be the best choice because of how outgoing and helpful the seemed. I also know an inbound from Brazil who told me about how great Rotary was. I will be spending my year abroad in Germany. I feel very fortunate to have gained the opportunity to travel outside of the US with Rotary, and I know I will enjoy being exposed to German culture. I can't wait to learn more of the German language, and eventually their culture.

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