Paul - outbound to Brazil

My first month as a RYE exchange student in Jundiai, Brazil~

So its official I have been here in Brazil for a little over a month as of today. Crazy to think how fast it seems to be going! I arrived here on at 2pm and officially met my first host family which included Gilberto (dad), Maria (mom) and my 2 host brothers Caio and Lucas. I arrived in the secondary airport of the huge captivating city of Sao Paulo. I was greeted by my host family and counselor alike. With limited Portuguese skills we were able to make basic conversation. Based on the fact I have arrived in the afternoon and the excitement of arriving. Needless to say I was tired but anxious. We arrived at their house and they showed me around including their cats and maid. After we went on a brief tour of the city which included city hall and a tour of the local park (similar to Lake Eola) a very popular meeting place. Within the next few days I spent learning the city, through activity’s such as going to the mall and cinema. The week came and went and for the weekend we pac ked our bags and left for manajiaish a city about 5 hours west to meet some family friends and stay at their farm for their weekend. There were many types of animals there including cows, horses, chickens, pigs and a single ostrage. Pretty cool stuff! We went on a small detour to see some small typical villages in said city. Beautiful view and sights Included a beautiful hike and waterfall that was simply breath taking. When we did arrive back in my hometown the preparation for school began. My first day was school was pretty interesting day for sure. I was bombarded with nice welcoming and people. Instantly I knew the people here where much more loving and caring compared to people in the United States. The classes were very similar to the American style which included Math, English, World history, Geography, and a Computer class. I began making friends extremely fast. Including being invited by friends to partake in movies and mall trips. To this day I still go out with all my different friends at least twice a week. On the second day of school I officially turned 18! We had a great BBQ in which I met all my future host family’s! It was a great time. My younger host brother left this week for New York to start his year abroad. The weekend he left I went and stayed at my counselor’s house. Meeting his amazing family. And going and doing many things including sightseeing into Sao Paulo, bowling and the mall. It was an awesomely fun weekend! The next weekend I went with my host brother Ciao into Sao Paulo for some parts for his car I was helping him with. Living the daily life is complex but at the same time easy. I meet so people and always am busy but somehow the feel of everything is still very much relaxed. The complexity of human emotion her is abundant and astounding. I am studying in a secondary private school, Aka private college. Studying administration and Computer engineering. The Myriad amount of Kindness that is displayed too Foreign I s astonishing. The enders I face on a daily occasion are unproblematic and easily solved and elucidated with understanding of the comprehension of the contexts. Depending on the situation of course. Officially one month in :P

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