Steve Kruse


Hometown: Miramar Beach, Florida
School: Roubaix Academy
Sponsor District: 6940
Sponsor Club: Mid-Bay Bridge
Host District: 1913
Host Club: Varazdin-Jug


My Bio

Pozdrav, my name is Steve and I am 15-years-old and live in the Florida Panhandle in Miramar Beach. I do a mix of homeschooling and community college for high school. I have one sister and two brothers who are adults and live on their own, and I also have a poodle named Jack. Some of my favorite times are when I can get together with my sister, brothers, parents, and grandparents at the same time. In my spare time I like to camp, hike, snorkel, ride my bike, take photographs, play video games, and draw. I am a member of Boy Scout Troop 562 and am working my way towards becoming an Eagle Scout. I feel very grateful to be a Rotary Youth Exchange student because I have always wanted to travel and learn about the world, meet new people, and experience new cultures. Getting the chance to participate in an exchange while I am still in high school is awesome! I feel especially lucky to have Croatia as my destination because that is where my great-grandfather immigrated from to the United States. As a result, I will not only be making friends in a new country, but learning about my heritage too. Puno hvala—many thanks!

Journals: Steve – Croatia 2016-17

  • Steve, outbound to Croatia

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    Dobar Dan! So far I have been in Croatia for around 5 months now. I can’t believe that I’ve been here for so long already, it sure does not feel like 5 months. I guess time really does fly when you’re on exchange. I have been having such a great time on this exchange and have experienced so many new things. I have also, meet a lot of really nice people while being here. Croatia is a very beautiful country and Varaždin is a very nice town to be living in, I like it a lot. Just recently, I switched host families for the first time while being here. I have only been with my new hosts for six days now. They are very nice and welcoming, but I think it will take me a couple of weeks to get used to the new way of living with my new hosts. I am looking forward to living with them. My new host family consists of my Host Dad Hans, my host Mom Ines, and Julia my host sister + a dog of which I do not know her name yet. I cannot quite remember it yet. 

    Anyway, now I will tell you a little about Christmas in Croatia for me and a bit about New Years. For Christmas my host family and I got together with some of their other family members and had a HUGE feast. It was very delicious. For New Year’s my host family and I got together with some of their friends and had another HUGE delicious feast. When the clock hit midnight we could see a variety of different fireworks shooting off from outside the window. It was very cool. Okay to wrap this little Journal Entry up, I just want to thank Rotary again for this amazing opportunity that you have given me I really appreciate it!

  • Steve, outbound to Croatia

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    Bok/Hello. Zovem se Steve/My name is Steve. Ja imam 16 godina, te su u Hrvatskoj za oko tri mjeseci/I am 16 years-old, and have been in Croatia for about three months. Throughout my stay so far I have been having a really great time, I think Croatia is a very beautiful country, with many nice people and many more new experiences waiting for me to try. I have been welcomed by my host family and host Rotary club very nicely, everyone is very kind and caring. Everyone is obliging, considerate and thoughtful. They have all made me feel very welcomed into their country. 

    On the day of my departure I felt really nervous and excited to start my Journey/Adventure in Croatia, and to meet my host family. When I arrived in Croatia and met up with my host family we stopped at a café in the Airport to acquaint ourselves with each other and talk. After we talked for a bit we made our way to the town that I would be staying in called Varaždin. Varaždin is the city of young people, baroque, music, bicycles and flowers. The large mountains surrounding Varaždin as we drove in were amazing. I was glad that I had finally made it to Croatia. 

    After about the first couple of weeks of being here, I started to get into the swing of things. For example, how I should live and do things with my host family. Also, I started to get used to how the school system is here, because in Croatia there are 15 subjects that students have to take, while in the U.S. there are roughly 7. Every day I have around a twenty minute walk to school and back. Usually everyday my host grandma is at the house to watch my host brother and I while my host parents are at work. My host grandma speaks no English what’s o ever, and my Croatian isn’t that good so it is hard to communicate with her, but we manage somehow. Almost every day we eat soup for lunch as well as the main dish plus seconds, and thirds, and sometimes even dessert. In Croatia lunch is the most important meal of the day. Each day I still, after all the time I’ve been here, have trouble eating all the food that is served to me.

    I am very thankful to Rotary for giving me this amazing opportunity. I definitely would recommend exchange to other students. Youth exchange offers so many great opportunities and learning experiences, including giving students the chance to visit amazing places and make lots of nice friends from all over the world.

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