Tess, outbound to Finland

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Hej Alla 😊. Det Är Tess. God Jul. ❤️ Hello everyone, it's Tess. I'm currently and outbound to Borgå, Finland. I can't believe it's already been 4 months since I left home. My exchange year, so far, has been amazing. I've been able to friends from around the world, meet friendly Rotarians and be immersed into the very interesting culture of Finland. Here's an update for November/ December. I had a once in life time experience when My Rotary Club took me on an excursion into an Ice Breaker. Surely, we don't have any of these in the Bahamas😂. Also, I was greater the opportunity to explore the insides of Brunberg Chocholate Factory with my President. The amount of chocolate we had could've fed an army but every piece was worth it. I celebrated a mini thanksgiving with some friends and the food was great! Also, I've been on a tour to Lapland (Northern Finland) to meet Santa Clause and Rudolp h, go downhill skiing for the first time and a lovely dog sleigh ride. Although it was about -14 degrees C, we still managed to enjoy playing the snow like little kids; having snow ball fights and making snow men. This trip was amazing. For a person who had never seen snow before, I sure got lots of it on this trip. We recently had a trip to Stockholm, Sweden which was great. As time goes by and as the darkness takes over the land, I will try my best to remain positive and bring sunshine to the dark. ❤️