Ty, outbound to Belgium

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Alot as happened in four months I find it hard to even put much any to words. It's difficult for me at least to open myself up to people i know that I will be leaving in such a short time. But this short time also feels like a never ending cyclone of emotions, much different from the roller coaster described to me before my departure. There is never a time when one emotion is more prominent for me. Been here is a consent stress even when i am enjoying myself (witch i am quite alot) not being able to speak but being able to understand is frustrating beyond belief. i am making progress but its coming slowly enough no mater how much i work into it. Reading this back it sounds more negative then it really is but when i write i always tend come off the wrong way. Overall this has been a fantastic 4 months full of things that 10 year old me would never have dreamed of.