Adriana, Outbound to Norway

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I have been in Norway for one month now and I love it so far. I am in a small town named Holmestrand, it’s in the southern part of Norway. I have indulged myself in the Norwegian culture as much as possible. If I start to when I first arrived I wasn’t nervous or scared about being in another country except for the fact that I didn’t speak much of any other language but English and the airports were very scary. My first day was a little culture shock when it came to food. In Norway, my breakfast and lunch consist of bread, at first I was shocked at all the bread but I do love it now. I crave bread and jam when I wake up which before I couldn’t ever imagine myself doing. So far, I’ve been to the cabin which is a popular thing to do here and I had fun. I hiked an hour to this amazing waterfall after we canoed across the lake, we made hot dogs over a fire we created ourselves and after the yummy hot dogs I fell asleep right on the ground with my host sister. It was a great adventure when I went on that hike because as a Floridian, where we don’t hike, I experienced something I never have before. I often go with friends to a neighboring town called Tønsberg which is the oldest town in Norway. I have enjoyed just sitting on the dock and eating ice cream with my friends or walking around and just enjoying where I am. I have gone blueberry picking and hiked up mountains I love every adventure I've on so far! Every day I am thankful for being here and it is a dream come true. My main goal in Norway is to try things and do things that I have never done. Even if I am scared I want to still push myself and do everything I can! One piece of advice I can give is to try everything always say yes and push yourself. Push yourself to try new food. Push yourself and take initiative to make friends. I will try to keep these updates going as much as I can!