Ana Oliveira


Hometown: Weston, Florida
School: Cypress Bay
Sponsor District : District 6990
Sponsor Club: Weston, Florida
Host District: TBA
Host Club: TBA

My Bio

Hej! Jeg hedder Ana Oliveira - Hi! My name is Ana Oliveira. I am currently attending Cypress Bay High School as a sophomore and am excited to say that during my junior year I will be living in Denmark as an exchange student! Part of me wants to jump into this amazing adventure feet first and the other is nervous about communication and assimilation. However, I feel that once I get there, the magic of living in a new place will certainly open my mind a bit more and will allow me to have a successful experience during my exchange. I have lived in three different countries so far and have had the privilege to travel to an array of foreign places in my lifetime. I am originally from Brazil, but lived in Canada for five years, and am now living in Weston, Florida. I actually enjoy cold weather and snow, so this is yet another reason why I am so glad I was chosen to go to Denmark. I am fluent in two languages and am learning Spanish at present. Whenever I am not studying, I enjoy practicing piano & guitar, singing, deciphering movies, exploring new genres of music, discovering new bands, and taking pictures (which I hope to do lots of in Denmark). I'm really looking forward to learning the Danish language and coming back being able to speak it fluently (hopefully). I am forever grateful to Rotary for presenting me with this incredible opportunity.