Bronwen Tedrick


Hometown: St. Petersburg, Florida
School: St. Peterburg Collegiate
Sponsor District : District 6950
Sponsor Club: St. Petersburg West, Florida
Host District: TBA
Host Club: TBA

My Bio

Bok! Ja sam Bronwen! Drago mi je. Hello! I am Bronwen! Nice to meet you. I was born in Fremont, California but I moved to St. Petersburg, Florida when I was 12. I have lived here now for about 5 years now. I am currently attending St. Petersburg Collegiate High School which allows me to be full-time at St. Petersburg College. However, I am in the class of 2017 and will be graduating high school in May with a two year degree. Therefore, I am taking a gap year in order to do my exchange in Croatia. I am thrilled to do my year abroad in Croatia. As I am applying to colleges as a history major, I am excited to learn about history in a place where so much has happened. At school I am a part of a few clubs. I am the secretary of the National Honor Society and while that takes up most my time, I am also part of Interact, Multicultural club, and the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society. I live with my mom, Nancy, and my dog, Loki. My dad only lives across town so I see him pretty often. I will miss my family and friends dearly. However, they all support me and are almost as excited for me as I am. This will not be my first time out of the country. I have been to London and Paris on a school trip, I went to Costa Rica with my family, and I have been to Italy on a two week study abroad. All in all, I am extremely excited for this and very thankful to Rotary international for giving me this opportunity. Dovidenja!