Eliot Lincoln


Hometown: Fort Myers Beach, Florida
School: Florida Southwestern Collegiate
Sponsor District : District 6960
Sponsor Club: , Florida
Host District: TBA
Host Club: TBA

My Bio

Sawadee krap! Hello! My name is Eliot Lincoln; I am a fifteen year old 9th grader from Fort Myers /Fort Myers Beach Florida. Thailand has similar weather to Florida, so I won’t have to buy cold weather clothes! I come from a large extended loving family who all live far away but get together for reunions. My older brother and I go back and forth between two homes. My dad’s home is on a busy beach island, and my mother’s home is in a nice apartment complex with a workout gym. I love animals—between both houses I have four cats and one dog. Some of my other interests are soccer, tae kwon do, board games, and being outdoors. I have been doing magic tricks since age 7, when I was inspired by my cousin, a professional magician in New York City. I am also serious about my primary sport, fencing. I have been fencing since 4th grade. I am hoping I might learn Muay Thai in Thailand. Most of all, though, I am looking forward to learning a new way of life from a very different people. I love being an adventurer, and I love making friends of people very different from myself. I feel like fencing and magic and going to a different country all share something in common—providing a competitive challenge while making lifelong friends. I can’t wait.