Elise Flanagan


Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia
School: Riverwood International
Sponsor District : District 6900
Sponsor Club: Sandy Springs, Georgia
Host District: TBA
Host Club: TBA

My Bio

こんにちは。Hello, My name is Elise. I’m currently sixteen and live in Atlanta, Georgia. I’ll be studying in Japan next year, and I’m very excited. I live with my parents, my dog, my rabbit, and two cats. I have an older brother who attends Furman University in South Carolina who wants to major in physics. Music is a huge part of my life, and I’ve been playing piano for over eight years. I also play trumpet in my school’s chamber winds, and have played in the marching, jazz, and pit bands throughout high school. I’ve also been taught a little bit of drum set and guitar, but I don’t know too much yet. I’ve made a music video, too. My favorite subjects other than music are psychology and literature. In my free time, I enjoy hanging out with friends, watching movies, playing video games, and writing. I’d say my favorite hobby is paintball. I love art, but I can’t draw, so I like to color and buy artwork for my room. I love to make people laugh, and there’s no better feeling than making someone’s day brighter. My father says the Japanese culture is a completely different way to be modern. I’ve taken Japanese since middle school, and I’ve always liked the language- its structure and flow is fascinating to me. I’m thrilled to live in Japan for the next year of my life. I think I’ll have an incredible time. Maybe I won’t have to use subtitles when I watch anime when I come back. I’m ready for a life changing journey, and I wonder how I’ll change. My world is so small right now and I know there is so much more out there to learn. I can’t wait.