Gabe, Outbound to Greenland

Hello everyone from cold and snowy Greenland! And yes it really is snowing already. I must say that these first two months in Greenland have been amazing. I have made many friends at my school and otherwise which has really helped guide me through the cultural perils here. And there are quite a few which is true for anywhere. Although there are quite a few activities here that are quite unique. I went hunting four days after I arrived here and literally fell over a few times one of them almost off of the boat. That was quite the learning experience. I've also gone sailing and fishing which went smoothly without a hitch and were super fun. I think the most interesting experience her though was making friends. This really made me evaluate myself from the inside out. I was coming to a new place where no one knew me at all and I could make any impression I wanted to on these new people. So I faced a difficult decision, do I completely reinvent myself from the start and continue as this new persona or do I continue as I am and use this as an opportunity to improve my least enduring qualities. I am going to suggest to anyone considering this program to take the second choice. Since I've been here I have become a more trusting person, I've lost weight but not in a drastic and push yourself over the edge kind of way. But I think the best change that has happened since I've been here is that I have become happier with myself. Being enthralled in this new culture and language and all the rest of it is absolutely breathtaking. I still wake up in the morning and think holy crap I'm in Greenland. And the craziest part is that I have eight more months of this crazy and wild adventure to go! This adventure isn't just about hanging out in another country try for a year there is so much more to it. And I know that people tell you that this will be the best year of your life and nothing will ever top this. Truth be told you won't know the best year of your life until your living your last but this year will sure be one for the record books and it has definitely opened up way more possibilities than I ever thought I could consider doing! So to finish my first journal from Greenland, to all of the people considering participating in this program next year and for many years to come, do it! Whatever your concern is, be it from you becoming deathly homesick to the country not having peanut butter (most don't by the way) do it! Take your concerns and throw them out the window because I promise you won't regret it. I also have one more piece of advice for up and coming exchange students, pick countries that you never even remotely thought of going to because take it from the guy who got a couple try that wasn't even on his list, you will have the best experience there! Thanks everyone for listening and look out for more journals!

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