Gina Perez


Hometown: Apopka, Florida
School: Orlando Science
Sponsor District : District 6980
Sponsor Club: Lake Buena Vista, Florida
Host District: TBA
Host Club: TBA

My Bio

My name is Gina Perez and I was born and raised in Apopka, Fl. I currently am 15 years old. I go to Orlando Science Schools, a school that focuses on the STEM curriculum and has granted me many opportunities. For example I am a part of Model United Nations. Model United Nations has given me a different perspective on countries relations, and a chance to open my horizon to solving problems that benefits more then one country, including public speaking, writing and research. However as much research I can do on Poland, it isn't the same as living in Poland. My position and exposure to Model UN has given me the chance to look at the opportunity, I was blessed with and relate it to my passions and goals. I have a passion for helping others and learning new culture and points of view. I joined Rotary Youth Exchange because I see this as an opportunity of a life time to potentially build connections in my assigned country to help others. Rotary grants the rare opportunity to live and experience a life outside of the United States. This experience can help educate me and many others on other countries culture and way of life outside from a computer screen and experience it head on.