Grace Gerdes


Hometown: Sarasota, Florida
School: Booker High School
Sponsor District : District 6960
Sponsor Club: , Florida
Host District: TBA
Host Club: TBA

My Bio

Hi! Ahoj! My name is Grace Gerdes and I’m currently a senior at Booker High School in Sarasota, Florida, where I participate in both the Advanced International Certificate of Education (AICE) and Visual and Performing Arts Programs. I love everything art related, including painting, drawing, and sculpture. I can’t wait to see how my year abroad will influence my artwork and challenge me. Because I’m a senior, it means that my exchange trip (2017-2018) to Slovakia will be a gap year before I head to college. I’ve been doing everything I can to go back to Europe since I took a short trip to London, Paris, and Barcelona a few years ago, and now I couldn’t be more excited to go for ten months! Even though the reality of the trip hasn’t really sunk in yet, I can’t wait to learn a new language, make new friends, and see another part of the world – not to mention the wardrobe makeover. A Floridian takes on snow! Last summer, I took a three-week exchange trip to Costa Rica, which convinced me that I’m ready for this trip. I’m the oldest of three girls and I know that I’ll miss my sisters and parent’s next year, but I feel so lucky and grateful that they’re all so supportive. Unfortunately, my cat is less supportive, I’m hoping he doesn’t forget about me while I’m gone. I found out about the RYE program by chance and now I'm honored to have been chosen! Thank you so much to the Rotary Clubs all over the world for making this possible. You’ve already changed my life and I haven’t even left yet! I can’t wait to see what will happen next!