Hannah, Outbound to Japan

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Yo, it has finally been a full month of my exchange in Japan! It went by a lot faster than I thought it would. So far it has been so surreal. I keep forgetting I am even on exchange and that I am finally here after anticipating these moments I have finally been able to live for a year now. I love it here, everything: the food, my friends, my city, my first host family even. My city, Kanazawa, is so beautiful. There is so much to see and so much historical sites to visit (truly a dream come true lol). Right now, it is finally cooling down with temperature which is something that has never occurred in this time of year in Florida and people think I've lost my mind for being so excited about it. My first host family is great, the food is so yummy and they treat me so well I really feel at home :’). I have also been able to find a lot more people with the same interests as me which is so greatttttt!!!!!! I made a lot more friends than I would have thought too, my class is so fun and mess around a little too much than what I would even think to be acceptable in America. I also am slightly addicted to milk tea.....I buy one daily, they are just too good :/. Honestly for now, all I can say is I've truly been having such a wonderful time in and out. Everyone has treated me so well and I can not name one reason to be homesick yet, I really feel at home in my city here! I am so glad to be here and I’m so excited to see what else I get to experience in my year!!!