Jacob, Outbound to Belgium

J'mapelle Jacob. J’ai 18 ans. J’habite en Saint Rémy Belgium. I just said, “ Hello. My Name is Jacob. I am 18 years old. I am living in Saint Remy Belgium.” This along with the knowledge of a lot more verbs and little bit of descriptions is what I know in French before arriving here. I have since learned so much in the two weeks I have been here so far. My first day arriving in Belgium was an amazing one. I landed early in the morning so I got to spend the whole day with the family. First thing we did was go shopping. My host sister Julie walked around with me and was telling me the names of everything in the produce section and I even saw some fruits I have never seen before. Not only was this new to me but the grocery store it self was something very different. It was almost like a going to the mall but had a grocery store in it. After the store we went home and my mother and father had a dinner party to go and they took my youngest brother M ael with them. He is 6. Once they left me and my other 4 host siblings played just dance together. This was so much fun. After that we ate dinner and watched a movie. They next day they had a party planned for me and my host brother Thomas. This party was a welcome and goodbye. Thomas was leaving for Brazil the day after. The whole family came over and I got to meet them all. They were so nice and friendly it really did make me feel welcome. We ate hamburgers and fries. Then it was the day Thomas was leaving. We e went to Brussels cause thomas was leaving from there and before he left we spent the whole day sightseeing. I got to see the Atomium, the Grand-Place, the Royal Palace, and the Manneken pis. After all the sightseeing and lunch we took Thomas to the train station and I had to say goodbye to my host brother. Then a few days later was another trip to Brussels with all of Rotary Belgium. I got to make some amazing friends during the trip. We got to go to the Parliament Buildin g of Brussels and sit in one of the seats of the House of Representatives as the Vice President of the Parliament gave us a speech. This was such an amazing opportunity. Something not many people will ever get to do. A few days later my host family took me to Namur where I went to a small music festival with them and had an amazing time. All my experiences I have had so far has been so amazing and enriching. I live in a very small village but every morning I wake up to an amazing view and I could not ask for more. I am really far away from everything else and most other people but it has allowed me to become really close with my family already to the point I already do not want to leave. I start school on monday the 4th and am excited to see my fellow classmates and to make more friends. In the two weeks I have been here I have only had one rough day. This was rough because I accidently hurt the feeling of my host family but especially my host mom who spent all of her work day sad. All of this happened because of misunderstanding but still a moment I regret gratefully. All I can do now is try to build myself back up in her eyes and that's what I will do because of how amazing she is and my family. I have spent every day here feeling included, being helped, being in a loving environment, and feeling like they want me to be here. I am so thankful to my Dad, RYE Florida, and my sponsoring Rotary Clubs, and grateful for this opportunity that I have been given, as well as this amazing family that has taken me in. I look forward to the rest of this year cause I know it will be one that will be amazing and change my life for ever.

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